Turkish cuisine

If a term like ‘death by food’ exists, chances are that it was coined keeping Turkish cuisine in mind. A dream come true for food lovers, Turkish food exudes deliciousness in every single grain, and in every single morsel of food that thou shalt devour! Here are 15 ludicrously delicious Turkish food recipes that will take over your senses. Time to migrate to Turkey!

Let's get drooling on some of the best Turkish food

1. Kofte

Turkish Cusine - Kofte

Ever eaten meat balls? Yes, them lip-smacking, savoury patties of minced meat that you can’t live without? Apparently they have a Turkish version, too. Say hello to Koftes!

2. Baklava


You know what’s better than donuts? Baklava is! More so, when you devour it in Turkey! The holy grail of all Turkish desserts, wait no more to annihilate this syrupy, nutty, flaky little pastry dessert!

3. Menemen


If you like scrambled eggs, this particular recipe is the mother of all. Insanely delicious, and a Turkish breakfast favourite, Menemen is a Turkish style omelette, comprising of scrambled eggs cooked with peppers, tomatoes, herbs, parsley, and mushrooms, served with bread. Slurrrp!

4. Meze


The Turks like variety. Like seriously! Imagine a platter of over 20 starters spread before you – salads, beans, pickles, and an array of other appetizers, eaten with bread and drinks. That’s Meze for you, folks.

5. Lahmacun


Did you know that your good old pizza had a cousin in Turkey? Meet Lahmacun – a thin, flat, round crispy bread topped with minced meat and veggies. Wrap it, fold it, or tear it apart, Lahmacun is all yours to destroy! Is there anything Turkish cuisine is not capable of! Seriously?

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6. Manti


Do you like dumplings so bad that you wished there were dumplings everywhere? Alright, for now, you can head to Turkey and enjoy Manti – a bowlful of millions (okay, about fifty) of tiny dumplings stuffed with minced meat, topped with yogurt and hot oil. Talk about death by dumplings!

7. Durum


Guess what, the Turks are so cool that they even have their very own burrito version, and it’s called Durum! Waste no time in ravaging this mean whopper that consists of strips of Doner chicken, beef, or lamb served inside a wrap, complete with lettuce and sauces. Turkish food be so cool.

8. Midye Dolma

Midye Dolma

If you fancy a quick bite while wayfaring across the exotic markets of Turkey, stop by any of the street stands and stuff your mouth with mussels filled with spiced rice and a tinge of lemon. Take a plateful of Midye Dolma, and watch these bad boys disappear into the deep abyss of your tummy in no time!

9. Iskender Kebab

Iskender Kebab

Locals swear by this dish, and won’t let you leave the country unless you sample it. Such are the delicacies foodgasms are made of! Just imagine – long strips of lamb topped with hot, tangy tomato sauce, served with rice, yogurt, and pita bread. Time to settle in Turkey.

10. Kuzu Tandir

Kuzu Tandir

There is definitely something heavenly scrumptious about this popular Turkish lamb dish, which is essentially slow roasted whole, and traditionally served with potatoes or rice, and yogurt. Eat it to feel it! With Turkish recipes, the possibilities are endless!

11. Pide


Remember Pizza and Lahmacun? Apparently there’s one more cousin – Pide. Known as “Turkish Pizza”, this gooey, cheesy pizza sibling is shaped like a boat and topped with minced meats, spinach and cheese. Turkish food, you gem!

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12. Pilav


Creamy, buttery, toasted, comforting – what would the Turks do without Pilav, the most basic and sustaining of all Turkish recipes? Do not leave Turkey without wiping out a plate full of creamy, buttery rice, preferably eaten with yogurt.

Turkish Food – Best of Turkish Cuisine

13. Kunefe


What do you get when you stuff two layers of crunchy, golden ‘kadayif’ (thin fibres of dough) with cheese, bake them until brown and crispy, seep them in syrup, and top them with bright green ground pistachios? You get death by Kunefe.

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14. Kokorec


This luscious beast may make you cringe at first, but once you dig your teeth into it, you reach a point of no return. You know you have to consume all of it. Made of goat intestines chopped into succulent chunks and stuffed into a slice of bread, Kororec might just persuade you to become a Turk.

15. Kumpir


You call it potato in a jacket (jacket potato), and the Turks call it Kumpir. Nothing complicated. Baked potato mashed up with butter, inside a crisp jacket (outer skin), this humble potato delicacy is one of Istanbul’s most beloved street foods, especially in the village of Ortakoy – the best place to sample it.

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