8 Types Of Couples You Meet While Travelling!

8 Types Of Couples You Meet While Travelling!

With Valentine’s Day right round the corner, we can’t help but talk about love! During one’s travels, one is bound to come across several different types of couples. And while every individual is different, there are a few similar qualities in a couple that makes them stand out. So, based on these common qualities or shared interests, here are 8 types of couples you are bound to meet on your travels.

1. The much in love couple

types of couples Valentine's day Matching clothes – check! Always taking romantic photos (generally striking a Titanic pose or a heart pose) – check! Finishing each other’s sentences – check! Calling each other “honeypie, sweetie, baby, coochikoo, munchkins, jaanu, baby boo” – double check! Also read: 14 heart-shaped natural landscapes!

2. The always fighting couple

types of couples you meet while travelling You can hear them from down the hotel’s hallway, arguing about something or the other. You can sense the tension when you bump into them in the elevator. One of them snaps at you when you try to offer a tissue to dry their tears… Yup, this couple fights and then makes up, fights and then makes up, fights and then… it is an infinite loop. But hey, as long as they make up and are happy, who are we to interfere?

3. The never to leave the room couple

types of couples gamer Get your mind out of the gutter! This is the type of couple who enjoys staying indoors rather than exploring the outdoors. While you are admiring the Flame Towers in Baku, this couple is beating each other in a game of chess, while you are sipping on hot cocoa on a cold day as you explore Helsinki, this couple is cuddling in a cozy blanket, whispering sweet nothings to each other. While you are scuba diving in Krabi, this couple has booked a couple’s spa treatment. Also read: Romantic getaways in UAE

4. The adventurous couple

couple on a trek The exact opposite of the ‘never to leave the room’ couple, the adventurous couple travels only so that they can tick off adventurous activities off their bucket list! Base jumping in Kuala Lumpur, fly boarding in Zanzibar, canoeing in Belgrade, hiking up Mount Mayon (an active volcano) in Philippines…. This couple firmly believes in YOLO!

5. The PDA couple

valentine's day dinner couple This couple lives in a world where nobody exists around them. Obviously then, their public displays of affection reach a point where they get everybody around them awkward! But hey, as long as they are making love, not war, who are we to judge?

6. The opposites couple

One loves snorkeling, the other loves to read books by the beach. One enjoys the summers, the other adores winters. One wants to wake up early to catch a stunning sunrise, the other wants to sleep in just a little longer. One wants to scuba dive in the Maldives, the other one wants to build snowmen in Finland. One wants to munch on Pizza in Italy, the other wants to hog on sushi in Tokyo.  How they make the vacation work is anybody’s guess! Also read: 7 Budget-Friendly Romantic Getaways

7. The filthy rich couple

rich couple on a yacht They travel first-class, only if something is wrong with their private plane transfer! They opt for a luxury yacht over a houseboat. They opt for helicopter tours over walking tours. They don’t book rooms in a hotel, they own properties at the destination! Their day begins with white truffles and caviar and ends with champagne and oysters. Probably unintentionally and unknowingly, they end up making us feel poor!

8. The volunteering couple

couple on a volunteering mission This couple wants to bring about a change in the world, one vacation at a time. You will find them saving the sea turtles in Costa Rica or sports coaching the school kids in Kenya. You will find them working towards the achievement of clean water initiative in Cambodia or undertaking community development projects in Spain. One thing’s for sure, this couple travels selflessly. Have you come across any of these couples? Or, if you are in a relationship, which couple are you?! Do let us know by commenting below 😊
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