UAE Holidays 2020 Calendar – Start Planning Long Weekend Getaways!

UAE Holidays 2020 Calendar – Start Planning Long Weekend Getaways!

Places to visit during UAE long weekend 2020
The Ala Kul Lake in Kyrgyzstan
By now, some of you might have already checked your new calendars and marked important dates to plan your travel itinerary. Those who have not, well, we are happy to help you plan all those long weekend getaways dotting the year; 2020 is all set to give you plenty of opportunities to fulfill your desires of travelling and exploring! Sun-kissed beaches, snow-capped mountains and everything in between - there are numerous destinations awaiting your arrival. And if you plan your UAE holidays 2020 well in advance, maybe you’ll manage to visit 5 new countries! This year, make every holiday count, discover long weekend getaways and travel to places you’ve always wanted to. Bon Voyage!

UAE Long Weekend Calendar 2020

Long weekend holidays from UAE: 2020 vacation planner

2020 has five long weekends coming up, some are a short 3 day break, while some can be extended to 5 days easily. Here's a low down on the upcoming long weekends in UAE, along with our suggestions on where to go. Plan ahead, plan well 😉

Long weekend #1: New Year Holidays, 1st January to 4th January 2020 – 4 days

UAE long weekend calendar Georgia
Skiing in Gudauri
Your vacation mode begins on the very first day of 2020 itself! 1st January falls on a Wednesday. Take a leave on 2nd January and merge it with the weekend. You will have 4 days of pure bliss, all to yourself! We recommend you visit either Georgia, Azerbaijan or Musandam in Oman during this quick getaway. Besides being close to UAE, these three countries will give you some of the best winter experiences. Skiing in Georgia is something you should experience in the new year. Its pristine, snow covered mountains and cities look right out of a fairytale during the winters. Likewise, Azerbaijan also makes for a wonderful quick winter getaway from UAE. Its capital city of Baku proves to be a charming host for a memorable coastal vacation. Must visit beaches in and near the city include Shikhov Beach, Bilgah Beach and SeaZone Beach. Musandam in Oman is the place to head over to if you are in search of a road trip destination from Dubai. Here are all the details you’ll need for planning your road trip. Also check this list of 5 best things to do in Musandam, Oman.
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Long weekend #2: Eid Al Fitr, 22nd May to 24th May 2020 – 3 days

Trips from UAE - Nepal
Yaks on a rustic mountain road in Nepal
Eid Al Fitr brings with it another long weekend! If you want to spend this holiday away from the hustle bustle of UAE or want to go on a family vacation during this time, look no further than either Armenia or Malaysia or Nepal. Armenian cities and towns like Yerevan, Dilijan and Tsaghkadzor are full of warm hospitality, delicious food and activities and tourist attractions that’ll leave you tired, but in a good way! Explore the cultural and gastronomical enigma that is Malaysia during the Eid Al Fitr holidays with the help of this incredible vacation package by holidayme. You’ll get to explore picturesque and pulsating Malaysian cities like Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Langkawi and the resort town of Genting Highlands. Nepal is a postcard perfect destination for everybody – from adventure seekers to peace and spirituality lovers, from photography fanatics to foodies. May end in Nepal is also the end of peak tourist season, hence, you will not be surrounded by crowds wherever you go. You will find the place pretty much to yourself!
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Long weekend #3: Eid al Adha, 29th July to 1st August 2020 – 4 days

Savior on Spilled Blood in Saint Petersburg, Russia
Arafat Day + Eid al Adha + weekend = Long weekend! And the best destinations during this time, that we recommend, are St. Petersburg in Russia, Jordan and Sri Lanka. St. Petersburg is a cultural hub that also boasts of brilliant architecture, fascinating history, hypnotizing white nights and, the best part, an e-visa that is available to people of 53 nationalities! Not convinced? Click here to find out the 7 Compelling Reasons To Visit St. Petersburg, Russia ASAP! Jordan and Sri Lanka prove to be impeccable and captivating destinations that can be covered in a short trip of 4 days. From Jordan’s Petra ruins and Wadi Rum desert to Sri Lanka’s resplendent national parks and scenic beaches, the holidayme packages to these countries cover it all.
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Long weekend #4: Hijri New Year, 19th/ 20th August to 22nd August 2020 – 3 to 4 days

UAE holidays 2020 Salalah Oman
Darbat Waterfalls in Salalah, Oman
Come August and the Hijri New Year brings with it another opportunity to go on another quick vacation to a new country. June to September is the period when many destinations across the globe are facing rains. But don’t let the monsoons deter your travel plans. Just pack a raincoat and umbrella and go on a monsoon sojourn. The best destinations to visit during August include Salalah in Oman, Bali in Indonesia and Singapore. From June end to mid-September, the Salalah Monsoon transforms the arid Omani desert into a thriving jungle! The natural phenomenon lasts only for about 3 months and this long weekend in August gives you plenty of time to explore this sensational spectacle. Click here to know more about it. Singapore is a year long destination. With its open parks, themed adventure destinations and plenty of free things to do, this country is a dream destination for a family vacation. Click here to know 7 reasons why Singapore is the best destination to visit with your kids! Bali is relatively dry during this time. Indonesia faces the onset of monsoons only towards the end of September. Thus, August sits on the cusp of two beautiful seasons and you should definitely pamper yourselves then. From its serene temples to its untouched beaches, Bali is the place for the dreamers and the romantics.
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Long weekend #5: UAE National Day, 2nd December to 5th December 2020 – 4 days

Places to visit during UAE long weekend 2020
The Ala Kul Lake in Kyrgyzstan
And just like that, in the blink of an eye, it is time to say bye bye to the year 2020. But not before visiting another new country! UAE National Day brings with it the last long weekend of the year and you should grab it with both hands! We recommend you visit either Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan or Zanzibar during this quick getaway. While Kazakhstan will leave you awestruck with its friendly faces, friendlier hospitality and life-changing travel experiences, the country of Kyrgyzstan will leave you falling in love with its natural beauty. Long after your vacation is over, these two countries will keep reminding you of their haunting charisma. If you want to end the year 2020 on an offbeat note, head over to Zanzibar. After all, how many people do you know, or have met, that have been to this Tanzanian archipelago?! Untouched by tourism, Zanzibar should be visited immediately before it starts attracting throngs of tourists. Click here to find out more about this sensational tropical paradise of Africa! If you found this 2020 weekend vacation planner useful, show some love by rating us with a 5 star below!
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