5 beaches you can visit on UAE National Day 2017

5 beaches you can visit on UAE National Day 2017

UAE National Day Getaways
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5 Beautiful UAE beaches you can explore on UAE National Day 2017

UAE National Day (2nd December) falls on ‘Saturday’ this year (and psst! it is a holiday on Sunday too!) that means an opportunity to explore the less-talked gems of UAE, the UAE beaches.

If you thought UAE was all about spectacular sky-rises and state-of-art architecture alone, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that the supposedly desert-like land is dotted with stunning beaches ideal for short breaks to Dubai or for that matter UAE.

Make most of this extended weekend and celebrate it with your near and dear-ones by visiting any of these weekend getaway to relax and have fun.

Enclosed is the list of must-visit beaches of UAE and no, they are not the popular names like Jumeirah Beach, Palm Beach in Dubai, Al Mamzar Park… but its comparatively little less-known sisters who are slowly but surely making the buzz of the right kind.

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Ajman Beach- A Must visit on UAE National Day

Visit Ajman Beach on UAE National Day

Distance between Ajman beach and Abu Dhabi: 2h 40 mins (189.5 kms)

Distance between Ajman beach and Dubai: 46 mins (44.8kms)

Chances of getting a desolate beach on the public holiday in UAE like this is remote, but with Ajman, Sharjah’s lesser known neighbour in the north, you might just get lucky, provided you get away from the central area and head towards the coast to the Hamriyah free zone which should take a little more than 15 minutes. You will be welcomed by a sight of vividly blue waters, and miles and miles of calmness, often broken by one or two odd-picnicking families.

Khor Fakkan Beach: A Great Weekend Getaway

Khor Fakkan Beach for UAE National Day

Distance between Khor Fakkan Beach and Abu Dhabi: 3 h 23 mins (282.7 kms)

Distance between Khor Fakkan Beach and Dubai: 1 h 52 mins (149.5 kms)

A trip to Khor Fakkan beach is ideal for a short weekend break from Dubai. Located at about an hour’s drive from Dubai, Khor Fakkan is nice and clean beach to relax and to indulge in various water sports. The USP of this place is its weather which averages between 18°C to 30°C in the months of November to April. Do not miss out on checking out the Rifaisa Dam, in the mountains of Khor Fakkan.

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Dibba Al-Fujairah: The Best Beach of UAE

Visit Dibba Al-Fujairah on UAE National Day

Distance between Dibba Al-Fujairah Dibba and Abu Dhabi: 3 h 12 mins (285 kms)

Distance between Dibba and Dubai: 1 h 37 mins (151.8 kms)

Winter sees, Dibba Al-Fujairah, one of the largest towns in Fujairah welcoming people from all over the Emirates who come here to enjoy water sports and the sandy beaches. Dotted with many luxury hotels, the beaches in Dibba are considered among the best of the UAE.

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Al Khan Beach: First Public Beach in Sharjah

Distance between Al Khan Beach and Abu Dhabi: 2h 44 mins (181.6kms)

Distance between Al Khan Beach and Dubai: 39 mins (25 kms)

Situated at a prime location near the Sharjah Aquarium, Al Khan Beach is the first public beach in Sharjah with numerous facilities and activities that suit both sports enthusiasts and sun-lounging visitors. Indulge in various activities like banana boat rides, kayaking, kite surfing, and much more. If you are not too keen on getting drenched and want to have fun on the sand, Al Khan Beach provides options for you as well. Access to beach is available at a nominal fees and information on the same can be sought from its website.

Ghantoot Beach: The lesser known gem to be explored on UAE National Day.

Distance between Ghantoot Beach and Dubai: 1h (67 kms)

Distance between Ghantoot Beach and Abu Dhabi: 1h 46 mins (98.1 kms)

This is one of the well-kept secrets of UAE, and we don’t know for how long it will remain so… I suggest you take this UAE National Day as an opportunity, before anyone else and make a dash for this undiscovered gem. Run by the Golden Tulip Hotel, this beach is dotted with barbeques and volley ball nets. You will need to shell out a fee to access this scenic beauty which also means you can use this luxury resort’s café, bar, pool and other facilities. When you are done strolling on this beautiful beach, challenge yourself for numerous water sports from water-skiing to banana boat ride and many more. You also have an option of spending a night at this splendid resort.

UAE Beach Advice

A word of caution: While you could be in a mood to have fun no holds barred, but a little precaution will ensure your UAE National Day break is pleasant and without any hiccups.

Beach-wear is fine for both men and women on the beach, but, it is advisable to change into casual, everyday wear before you leave the beach. Men are advised not rome around bare-chested away from beach and remember in Sharjah women are prohibited from wearing swimsuits on public beaches.

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