Ultimate Road Trips You Must Take!

Ultimate Road Trips You Must Take!

Ultimate road trip-James Dalton Highway
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“Not till we are lost, do we begin to find ourselves”

--- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Truer words have never been spoken. Mr. Emerson, by all possibilities, was on a road trip when he came up with this brilliant phrase. A person’s biggest quest of a lifetime is to find the self. The quest that is often forgotten in the daily struggle of survival and which resurfaces time to time. If you are looking for some serious ‘me-time’ road trips are your best bet. Whether you are an adventurer or a person on self-discovery, road trips would offer you a chance to blend in both while you create memories with your loved ones.

Road trip-Blue Ridge Parkway (469 miles, United States of America)

Blue Ridge Parkway (469 miles, United States of America)

Dubbed as ‘America’s most favourite highway’, the scenic beauty of the Blue Ridge Parkway has left its numerous visitors bemused. A photographer’s delight, this place makes up for an ideal road trip for its sheer panoramic view, well-kept roads, and recreational activities at regular intervals. If you are a newbie and sceptical about what a road trip is all about, ‘Blue Ridge Parkway’ is a good place to start.

road trip-Bollenstreek Route (25 miles, Netherlands)

Bollenstreek Route (25 miles, Netherlands)

To say, the Netherlands is beautiful, is like stating the obvious! Yes, we all know how nature has been generous to this part of the world. What remains to be done is to savour its beauty, in the most unhurried fashion, taking it in mile by mile and losing yourself completely in the process.  Imagine being greeted by acres & acres of daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, narcissi as you cycle or drive down on this ‘flower route’, mesmerizing isn’t it?

road trip-Road to Hana Maui (64.4 miles, Hawaii)

Road to Hana Maui (64.4 miles, Hawaii)

Hawaii is beaches and beaches is Hawaii; isn’t it? W.R.O.N.G! It is so much more than that. Flanked by deep green mountains on one side and the majestic Pacific Ocean on the other; Road to Hana Maui is nothing short of a challenge for the driver, since he needs to keep his eyes on the road at all times. This journey is best taken in a hired vehicle as it gives you ample time to absorb the gorgeousness of the place and capture it in your camera.

road trip-Route 66 (2451 miles, United States of America)

Route 66 (2451 miles, United States of America)

Nothing can give you a better glimpse of contemporary America than a road trip down the ‘Route 66’. Lined up with thousands of cafes, motels, brilliant neon displays, and tourist attractions, this route lists really high in the bucket list of true blue roadies. Cutting through the major cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, Flagstuff, Albuquerque etc., the highway gives its visitors a beautiful view of all the major attractions. From the warm sands of Los Angeles to the mighty Grand Canyon to the courageous streets of Chicago & St. Louis, you get to see it all. If you are a looking for a memorable trip that offers you both, amazing diversity of people, and charming landscapes, Route 66 would not disappoint you.

 road trip-Leh-Manali Highway (297.6 miles, India)

Leh-Manali Highway (297.6 miles, India)

No list of adventurous road trip is ever complete without a mention of the high mountain road of India, the “Leh Manali Highway”. This beautiful stretch between Ladakh and Manali is in operation for only four months in a year and is among the most dangerous routes in the world. The path that has been carefully laid in between snow clad mountains, crystal blue sky, white cottony clouds and exciting curves leaves its visitor spellbound. So, if you are looking for some adrenaline rush, but in a calm, tranquil manner, get hold of a Royal Enfield and head towards Leh-Manali Highway.

The Atlantic Road (4.97 miles, Norway)

Befittingly awarded the title of "Norway's Construction of Century", driving down the "Atlantic road" is a sure shot way of getting closer to the heaven experience. The curvy road connects the towns of Molde and Kristiansund, and crosses seven bridges as it goes island to island. The most breathtaking turn comes at the Storseisundet Bridge which is so dramatic that you might feel you are flying in the sky. Brave-hearts choose to travel through the Atlantic road in autumn for that is when the violent storms thump the road.

road trip-Seven Mile Bridge, Florida Keys, USA

Seven Mile Bridge, Florida Keys, USA

The Seven Mile Bridge is nothing short of an modern engineering marvel. Driving down this glorious bridge is a experience that can't be put in words. Crystal blue oceanic water, pleasant climate and a journey which seems never ending, if these words fascinates you, the Seven Mile Bridge road-trip is worth taking.

road trip-Pacific Coast Highway (655.8 miles, USA)

Pacific Coast Highway (655.8 miles, USA)

The Pacific Coast Highway, a.k.a. Route 1, is one of the best highways of USA. The road trip enthusiasts would find most scenic roads passing through the incredible California coastline through Big Sur.  The stretch of plains, the commanding elevations, the dangerous curves are the USP of this route and keeps its drivers forever on the edge.

road trip-The country roads of Tuscany, Italy

The country roads of Tuscany, Italy

The road less traveled i.e. the unexploited route of "the country roads of Tuscany" may not fit in the traditional definition of a "road trip" but is exhilarating none-the-less. Flanked with acres of greenery on either side, adorned with typical cypress trees and blooming colorful flowers at regular intervals makes this route mesmerizing to say a least. Explore this nature's bonanza with your sweetheart on a Vespa  and create ever-memories that would last for a lifetime.

 road trip-Tianmen Mountain Road, Hunan, China (6.8 Miles)

Tianmen Mountain Road, Hunan, China (6.8 Miles)

Y.O.L.O? If you strongly believe in this term, nothing can stop you from driving down the Tianmen Mountian Road, which is touted to be one of the most dangerous roads of the world. In the wishlist of every adventure junkie, every turn on this road guarantees to give an adrenaline rush to both the driver and the passenger. Embark on this journey only if you are an experienced driver and courageous enough to take up this challenge.