Umrah Packages From UAE!

Umrah Packages From UAE!

The holiest mosque in Islam captured in all its glory.

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"The people who come to perform Hajj or Umrah are the guests of Allah because they visit His House on His Call; therefore, Allah grants them what they ask for". – Umrah as described by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
Hands folded in prayer towards Kabbah, the holiest site in Islam.

Before we talk about Umrah packages from UAE, lets get to know a little bit about Umrah first.

How to do Umrah (for UAE residents)

  • By taking a Umrah package provided by various tour operators. The package includes air tickets or bus services, hotel accommodation and guides (optional).
  • By obtaining a Umrah visa from Saudi consulate or from other Govt-approved Umrah operators.
Saudi Arabia government banned entry of foreigners and expats by private vehicles last year. Therefore, the options of travelling are now limited to luxury bus trips or flying to Jeddah. The Government of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia also prefers that Umrah performers book with authorised travel agents in order to ease the tracking of the foreigners arriving into the country. Do you know the difference between Hajj and Umrah? READ ON...

Book Umrah package from tour operators

The natives of UAE can approach registered travel agents or tour operators for their Umrah trips. These operators provide various types of Umrah from UAE packages based on your budget and choices and the extent of stay you are looking for in the holy cities in Saudi Arabia.

Umrah packages inclusions: Trip fare, hotel stays and guided visits

The Umrah packages provided by the prominent tour operators like HolidayMe include all-inclusive round trip fares of buses or flights, hotel stays and guided prayer visits (optional) to the important sites of Jabal Noor, Arafath, Muna, Muzdalifae in Mecca and important mosques of Quba mosque, JabalUhaud, etc in Medina.

Pilgrims usually ask for dua, by opening up their arms towards sky and the holy mosque.

Umrah from Dubai

Visitors from Dubai have two options for travelling for Umrah. Take a reputed travel company’s bus tour or fly to Jeddah from Dubai.

  • Luxury buses from Dubai:

Buses depart from Sharjah and Dubai and reach the holy cities of Mecca and Medina the next day. The packages include hotel accommodation, prayer guides and food as well.

  • Flights from Dubai:
Several prominent carriers provide daily flights from Dubai to Jeddah. UAE national can book air tickets from Emirates, Fly Dubai, Fly Nas and Saudia among other prominent airlines for Umrah.

Pilgrims can also choose our special Umrah packages from Dubai, for complete stress-free travel experience!

Umrah from Abu Dhabi

People travelling for Umrah from Abu Dhabi also have the options of flying to Jeddah from Abu Dhabi or taking a bus trip to Saudi Arabia. Buses depart from Abu Dhabi and reach Mecca and Medina cities the next day. The tour includes bus fares or flight fares, hotel accommodations, food and guided prayer tours. UAE nationals can book tickets from Etihad and Saudia airlines for Umrah.

We proudly serve devout pilgrims on their divine spiritual quest, by offering the highest quality Umrah packages from Abu Dhabi.

Pilgrims in all white clothes circumambulating around Mecca.

Umrah Visa Requirements

UAE citizens and expats have to apply for the mandatory Umrah Visa. Umrah Visa is provided by the government of Saudi Arabia and is free of cost except the handling charges or the agent charges.

Documents required for Umrah Visa:
  • Original passport (should be valid for more than 6 months)
  • UAE residence Visa (valid for 3 months)
  • Vaccination card from Ministry of Health in UAE
  • No Objection Certificate from Sponsor in Saudi Arabia.
  • 2 Passport size Photos with white background
  • Marriage certificate copy (Not required if the spouse in in your sponsorship)
  • Emirates ID card copy
  • Confirmed hotel booking – A new document requirement mandated from 2015 onwards.

The Umrah visa processing generally takes about 7 working days.

All the travel agents help in processing Umrah visa along with the bookings of hotels and flights. Performing Umrah and all its practices are also well explained by the tour managers, taking care of the Umrah performer’s needs and requirements.

Want to know more about Umrah Visa process and requirements? READ ON...