Cool new Underground Art Museum in Helsinki, Finland!

Cool new Underground Art Museum in Helsinki, Finland!

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Helsinki is a bustling, beautiful Finnish city that is noted for its delectable cuisine, lush greenery and overall appreciation of the finer things in life. Keeping up with the latter theme, and opened in 2018, this brand new underground art museum promises to add an additional layer of polish to what is already one of the most marvelous destinations in the entire world!

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The Amos Rex Museum is located on the gorgeous Lasipalatsi Square and promises to attract both casual admirers and serious art aficionados alike! The museum features five curved, transparent domes located above ground that allow visitors to peer into the exhibition spaces below. The domes were designed by JKMM architecture, a Helsinki based firm with a 20-year history of excellence, who say that the intention behind their design is to foster curiosity about the exhibits placed below.

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In many ways, the Amos Rex Museum is a spiritual successor to the Amos Anderson Art Museum which was first founded all the way back in 1965. In order to adequately meet the requirements of the modern 21st century art consumer, its founders and trustees decided to find the exhibits a new home. They hoped to build a space that would be able to personify the vast changes that the art world as a whole, has witnessed since 1965. They found this space in the historic Lasipalatsi building and after some careful renovations and refurbishments, the Amos Rex Museum was born!

Exciting holidays to Helsinki, Finland!

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With it, comes a brand-new frontier for both the Finnish as well as the European art collective. The entire project has been allocated a sizable budget of over 50 million euros. Over 13,000 cubic meters of rock has been excavated in order to build a mammoth 2,200-square-meter gallery. The gallery’s immense scale means it is more than capable of housing a vast variety of events from standard exhibitions and installations to large scale and high-budget performance pieces!

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The museum's inaugural exhibit is ‘Massless’ by teamLab, a cult Tokyo based digital art collective. ‘Vortex’, the showpiece of the exhibit, is a simulation where numerous water particles flow upward towards the museum's domed ceiling. The trajectories of these water particles coalesce at the focal point of the dome and create an ethereal electric vortex that stupefies all those who bear witness to it!

Watch: A utopia called Finland!

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Further information on the Amos Rex can be found on the museum’s official website, If you are planning a holiday in Finland and the city of Helsinki happens to be on your list, don't miss a visit to the underground Amos Rex Museum! We certainly can’t wait to see it for ourselves!
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