Eat Play Sleep Repeat – 7 unique hostels for a rocking stay

Eat Play Sleep Repeat – 7 unique hostels for a rocking stay

hostel room offering a stunning view of the mountains
Time is known to change everything, even hostels have had a makeover. Once considered the last resort for backpackers, hostels are no longer the saviour of the budget travellers. Creative, quirky, vibrant - everything but boring - hostels are now fast catching the fancy of many. Here are 7 hip and unique hostels across the world that can make your holiday much more interesting! Pick one that suits your personality the best and get your bags packing, your dream hostel is just a few scrolls away. So much better than the usual high-class hotels and luxury resorts!

1. Skywalker Hostel, Isle of Skye, Scotland

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Is star gazing your favourite pastime? The Skywalker hostel located amidst the stunning locales of the Isle of Skye will make you fall in love with it right from the word go! The glass dome is where most of the travellers love to relax. The Scottish hospitality will make you feel right at home. The nearby beach is great to catch a glimpse of whales, dolphins, and sharks. Play, eat, rest - this hostel is definitely Scotland's best!

2. Book and Bed, Tokyo

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It's like sleeping in a library, literally! The walls of this hostel are filled with books and yes there are capsules built for you to get some shut eye. The entire place is neatly kept with mixed dormitory bathrooms. According to the Japanese standards, the capsule size is 2x1x2m box with thin bedding and is a bit hard. The ambiance is what brings people to this cozy place; if you are not a stickler for space and comfort, this hostel in Tokyo is worth staying in.

3. Central Backpackers Hostel, Catba, Vietnam

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Explore the gorgeous scenery of Catba and let the vibe of this cool hostel just flow. The hut-style hostel is big on comfort and the main town of Catba is just 20 minutes walk. There are private rooms and bungalows for those who need some privacy. Experience Vietnam at its best while staying at this exotic hostel!

4. Lucky Lake Hostel, Amsterdam

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A happy colourful life is what you can expect at Lucky Lake in Amsterdam. Situated by a lake, this quirky hostel is made up of trailers and cabins. Find yourself a hammock (they are in plenty) and just enjoy the friendly vibe this awesome hostel has to offer. If you love the outdoors, just request for a shuttle service to this lovely place and you will surely thank us for this unique suggestion!

5. Lavender Circus, Budapest 

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Your fairy tale dream will get fulfilled at this hostel in Budapest, Hungary. This 19th-century-old building is now home to several tourists in the city. There's quirky art work on the walls; and the hostel is filled with whimsical, bohemian knick-knacks. Each room is different from the other and is the best hideout to get away from the commotion of the city. Vintage-style vacation anyone?

6. The Farm Hostel, Bali

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Surrounded by rice fields, bamboo and banana trees, and a whole lot of peace - that's The Farm for you! A crystal clear pool, a huge terrace to chill, and fellow travellers to socialise with, this hostel of Bali is a clear winner. Balinese hospitality will make you come back to this quaint place in Canggu over and over again!

7. Railway Square YHA, Sydney

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What might look like a railway platform is actually a hostel that has been happily serving those touring Sydney. These converted train carriages are super comfy and come with facilities like spa pool, self catering kitchen, tour desk, and host of other things. The building being close to the Central Station, your transportation is sorted.
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