Unique International Borders Around The World!

Unique International Borders Around The World!

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International borders are often in news due to conflicts and negotiations over the ever changing borders between the countries. Some borders are artificially demarcated while others form the natural borders between the countries. Some borders are hostile while some of them are common heritage between the countries and are popular tourist attractions. Check out the unique international borders around the world!

Niagara Fallsniagara falls

The majestic Falls, which draws millions of tourists for Canada and USA also serves as the natural border between Canada and USA. The US side is residential while the Canadian side is touristy and commercial.

Iguazu Fallsigazu falls

The spectacular backdrop of series of cascading falls are a major tourist attraction of South America and is the equivalent to Niagara Falls of North America and also forms the natural border between Brazil and Argentina.

Victoria Fallsvictoria falls

The South African nations of Zimbabwe and Zambia, the former regions of Rhodesia have a unique natural border between the two countries – The stunning Victoria Falls.

Mount Everestmount everest

The inspiring and towering Mount Everest, which is also considered one of the most dangerous places on the planet, forms the natural border between the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal and Tibet, China.

Norway – Sweden Bordernorway and sweden

The Scandinavian countries of Norway and Sweden are separated by an artificial clearing of alpine forest. The clearing goes on for mile and are popular winter snow mobile destination for both the countries.

Wagah Borderindia pak border

The Asian subcontinent neighbours of India and Pakistan are divided by an artificial line drawn on a map by a British diplomat Sir Cyril Radcliffe. Today, the Radcliffe line, which forms the clear boundary between India and Pakistan can be best admired at the Wagah border post. The post are generally named by the security forces of both the countries and are opened every evening in a special ceremony for brief period. Nationalistic spirits soar high among the people lined-up on both sides.

USA-Mexico Bordermexico usa border

Illegal immigration of Mexicans are key debate issue is American politics. Presidential candidates to governors of Southern States, all tends to make statements regarding the issue. Perhaps, the best place to understand the impact of USA-Mexico borders is the US State of California. A long continuous manmade wall and fence separate the Mexican city of Tijuana and US city of San Diego.

Netherlands – Belgium BorderNetherlands – Belgium Border

Complex border municipality of Baarle-Nassau, Netherland and Baarle-Hertog, Belgium have amazing land enclaves and exclaves, resulting is a strange border between the two European countries. Most of this border is demarcated iron pins on all streets for clarification.

Haskell LibraryHaskell Library

One of the most unusual case of international border is the Haskell Library which lies right on the international border between Rock Island, in Quebec Canada and Derby Line, Vermont in the USA. The library is divided by a diagonal line across the floor and separates the floor of the library into sovereign areas.

Korean Demilitarized Zone

Korea DMZThe 38th parallel north divides the Korean Peninsula in to two countries – Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) and Republic of Korea (South Korea). The scars of Korean War are still evident and both the countries are in perpetual state of war. Visit the Joint Security Area to understand this complex relationship.

Image Source: Dailymail