United Kingdom: A Winter Getaway

United Kingdom: A Winter Getaway

Edinburgh City and Castle, Scotland

Greyish landscapes, snow-ridden streets, mist-covered buildings and the cold, piercing wind. Isn’t this how the United Kingdom is perceived during the winters? What most people are unaware of, is that while UK’s autumn and spring are popular, winter getaways to the Great Britain has its own fan base. Sync this with the grand Christmas and New Year’s celebration and viola, you have yourselves one of the best winter vacations of your life! While there’s a lot that the UK has to offer, here are a few places you should visit to celebrate winter here:

6 must-visit places in United Kingdom in the winters

1. Bath, England

Deriving its name from the Roman Britain era, this spa town in England is famous for its Roman baths and mouth-watering food. Flaunting its spectacular Georgian architecture, the skylines of Bath are definitely stroll-worthy, especially during the winters. Adding to the soothing experience is the city’s exuberant party culture and festivities; from Ice Skating to the famous Jane Austen Festival! So if you’re looking to experience UK’s winter in all its prime while enjoying the city’s finest cuisine, a hot bath is all you need!

2. Pembrokeshire National Park, Wales

Tenby Harbour Pembrokeshire, UK
Perfect family getaway destination; Pembrokeshire

Winters can be great for everyone in the UK, however, this Welsh National Park of Pembrokeshire can be the most appealing for families! With over 50 different beaches, a quick family getaway to this Welsh beauty can be enjoyed in many ways. From adventures to family-day outs, the 186 miles long spread coastline will teleport you to an altogether different reality.

3. Portmeirion, Wales

The ‘Italian’ village in UK, Portmeirion falls short of adjectives. Enchanting, mesmerizing and completely magical. This “home of fallen buildings“, shimmering with the glimpses of prominent Italian landscapes, is as beautiful in winters as any. Perfectly balanced between rivers, woods and mountains, the peninsular climate of Portmeirion makes it one of the most amazing places to visit in UK.

With some of the best manicured gardens, this Welsh village is studded with enchanting castles, is a lot less touristy during the winters and has some amazing food! Though there are chances of getting awestruck, given its regular appearance on televisions and films!

4. Edinburgh, Scotland

A winter trip to the UK but without Edinburgh? So not done! Edinburgh is famous for its extravagant celebrations including the Hogmanay, one of the biggest New Year celebrations in the world! This UK city finds itself closely entangled with the Harry Potter franchise, because of which several activities related to the popular fantasy series are also available here. Edinburgh also flaunts the famous Edinburgh castle and The Meadows, a public park with boundless natural beauty concealed within!

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5. Manchester, England

Manchester City Center
Leisure at City Center, Manchester

From world-famous Christmas markets to grand New Year celebrations, every UK lover has Manchester on their list. Just a two-hour ride from London, this English city is famous for its love of football, food, coffee and music! However, the prime attraction in Manchester remains The Northern Quarter, one of the most happening neighborhoods. You can stroll around in leisure, taking in as much of the UK as you get along the way.

6. Hyde Park Wonderland, London

Hyde Park London Christmas
Hyde Park lit up at the end of the year!

Winters in the UK are strongly associated with Christmas. Soak up the festivities in London’s Hyde Park, indulge in numerous activities including open-air ice skating and thrilling rollercoasters, watch spectacular shows and get ready for the Christmas-themed Santa Land!

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