Fun Things To Do If You Are Blissfully Single This Valentine’s Day...

Fun Things To Do If You Are Blissfully Single This Valentine’s Day In Dubai!


The candlelight dinners, the hand in hand romantic walks into the sunset, the slow dances, the exchanging of gifts, the (over?)indulgence in chocolates… Just some of the many things Valentine’s Day is associated with. But you are single! Regardless of whether it is by choice or not… And you are not really in the mood to go all mushy, gooey eyed and romantic on this day. Well, then here’s what you can still do to have fun on Valentine’s Day!

Fun Things To Do In Dubai If You Are Blissfully Single This Valentine’s Day!

1. Take a leap of faith and go skydiving over Palm Jumeirah!

skydiving in Dubai

Jump off from 14,000 feet above sea level and feel pure thrill rushing through your veins. Afraid of heights? Go dune bashing or wakesurfing or hiking this Valentine’s day.

2. Take advantage of that Valentine’s Sale & shop for yourself!

shopping in Dubai

Saw those classy Oxfords a few days ago but they were too expensive? That beautiful dress at the display window was being too heavy on your pocket? Well, why not buy them during the Valentine’s day sale?! Who said V-day sales were only for couples? Use the sale to your advantage and shop till you drop this Valentine’s Day in Dubai.

3. Attend a wickedly cool anti-Valentine’s Day party in Dubai!

anti Valentine's day party in Dubai

Masti, the restaurant at La Mer, is hosting a No Boys Allowed V Day Chronicles party. Grab your girlfriends and head over to Masti for an evening full of food and fun. The popular restropub, Reform Social & Grill too is hosting an anti-Valentine’s Day party; no couples allowed! Grab your anti-Valentine’s Day squad and try winning the fun anti-Valentine’s Day quiz they will be hosting.

4. Plan a vacation!

girl planning a trip

If you are blissfully single on Valentine’s Day, just order in, open your favourite browser or travel app and start planning a vacation – solo or with your friends! The sooner you plan, the sooner you can head over to your dream destination! How about you let these beautiful spring packages tempt you?

Georgia Europe spring holiday package
Georgia in spring is a beauty to behold! Click here to start planning your trip to this European gem.

5. Relax and rejuvenate

spa therapy

All that romance fever going around must have pushed you towards insanity! Just book a spa massage and feel your stress melt away. While the couples are running from pillar to post trying to buy the perfect gifts and searching for the most romantic spots in Dubai, you will be enjoying a rejuvenating deep tissue massage.

6. Go on a solo road trip

girl on a solo road trip

An amazing playlist full of all your favourite songs and a road as smooth as butter… That’s all you need for memorable solo road trip from Dubai. Need a recommendation? How about the Musandam Peninsula? Here’s all the information you need for a road trip from Dubai to Musandam.

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