Video: A Riveting Glimpse of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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    Slowly, yet zestfully emerging from its stark past, almost like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, Bosnia and Herzegovina has slowly begun to shine in the face of tourism, owing to its unique history and culture, soul-satiating food, a thriving art scene, poignant cities and their numerous UNESCO Heritage Sites, enchanting landscapes, and the modest human warmth one attains here! Be it the iconic, 16th century Stari Most bridge erected by the Ottomans in Mostar, the Austro-Hungarian heritage buildings, cafes, and art galleries of Sarajevo, the mystical waterfalls of Jajce and Bihac, the snow-clad ski resort of Jahorina, the country’s cascading rivers, every corner of Bosnia and Herzegovina exudes a charm that is difficult to come across elsewhere!

    Here’s a riveting glimpse into this unassumingly gorgeous Balkan nation!

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