Video: Sensational landscapes of Armenia!

Video: Sensational landscapes of Armenia!


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million! Watch stunning landscapes of Armenia - a timeless country, shaped by mountains, monasteries and ancient empires. This landlocked Caucasus country is surrounded by Turkey, Iran, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

Once part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR), Armenia is now a thriving European democracy. Armenia also has the distinction of being the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as its official religion. Today, Armenia is one of the last few offbeat countries in Europe. Hospitable people, plenty of off-road adventures, nature hikes and stunning landscapes are the key delights of Armenia. However, add a delicious cuisine that reflects the very best of the region, a classy wine scene and vibrant nightlife, and what you get is a wonderful European destination. Holidayme presents a special introductory video of Armenia. Watch the video and don’t forget to like and share it.

Watch: Armenia Video - Reasons to Visit this Mountain Country!

  1. One of Europe's most off-beat destination - Armenia!
  2. This mountain country lies at the crossroads of Asia and Europe.
  3. It is a country shaped by dramatic mountains
  4. And dotted with historic monasteries..
  5. Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia, lies in the shadows of Mount Ararat.
  6. Armenia has remains of lost empires and delightful neoclassical churches
  7. And the beautiful Blue Mosque in Yerevan
  8. Yerevan's nightlife is dynamic and Armenian food is delicious
  9. Shopping in Armenia can be a delight..
  10. ..while the Armenian people are true gems
  11. The country has charming villages and towns..perfect for that relaxed break you were planning!
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