Video: The Silk Route – Magnificent views of Kyrgyzstan

Video: The Silk Route – Magnificent views of Kyrgyzstan


The land of celestial mountains – Kyrgyzstan, in the recent past, has become a favourite of travellers worldwide. From untouched mountains to crystal clear lakes; to transitional pastures to pristine valleys, this landlocked nation presents some breath-taking topography. The unspoiled natural beauty of this rugged Central Asian country is too good to be true.

The vibrant capital city of Bishkek is a breath of fresh air. Experience the culture and art, dig into the culinary delights, make the most of the nightlife, and be startled by the natural beauty this wonderful city has to offer.

This rugged, mountainous country seems to be caught in a timeless zone, leading to an unexplored treasure trove of antiquity that is worth exploring. The hospitable people of Kyrgyzstan take immense pride in their nomadic heritage and culture. Staying in a yurt (nomadic tent) or quenching your thirst for adrenaline, wow moments are guaranteed! Make a trip to this surreal land for an unforgettable sojourn.

Watch the video for the magnificent views of Kyrgyzstan.

Sary Chelek Reserve – Remote and strikingly beautiful, this reserve remains untouched by many tourists.

Lake Ala-Kul – Though the lake is quite small, the tranquility and peace it offers is second to none. It’s a haven for trekkers.

Lake Issyk-Kul – One of the largest and deepest lakes in the world; it is the pearl of Kyrgyzstan.

Tien Shan Mountains – Stunning scenery is guaranteed as you go along discovering the celestial mountains of Kyrgyzstan.

Song Kol Lake – Experience nomadic life in high mountain pastures surrounding this alpine lake.

Ala-Archa Gorge – Away from the city life – rivers, canyons, and dense forests make for a great weekend getaway.

Bishkek – Osh Highway – The route between the two cities is simply picturesque. Journeying through this spectacular highway is an experience in itself.

Fairy Tale Canyon – This rocky landscape owes its bizarre formations to the winds. Lake Issyk-Kul makes a stunning backdrop.

Lake Kel- Suu  –  Region’s most popular destination; this spectacular lake is perfect for kayaking or diving.

Pamir Mountains – Snow-capped peaks, mountain ridges, verdant valleys – the Pamirs are a sight to behold.

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