Vietnam’s Golden Bridge – A ‘Hands on’ Experience

Vietnam’s Golden Bridge – A ‘Hands on’ Experience

The world is full of fascinating monuments that pay tribute to human ingenuity and creative endeavor. From time immemorial, mankind has found ways to imbibe their indomitable, unyielding spirit into the objects that inhabit the world we live in. From the awe-inspiring ‘Christ the Redeemer' in Rio de Janeiro to the regal, guardian-like Statue of Liberty in New York City, almost every single country has a monument that captures and personifies the essence of its people. As of this June, Vietnam has a grand monument of its own to add to that list. Take a gander at the majestic and magnificent Golden Bridge!

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The magnificently striking walkway is located in the Ba Na Hills, just a little bit outside of Da Nang and has already managed to attract hordes of visitors! The Golden Bridge is almost 500 feet long and sits 3,200 feet above sea level, but the most unique aspect of this bridge are the two giant hands that act as a support system. The hands are designed to look like the hands of God pulling a strip of gold out of the land and have been artificially aged to appear as though they have stood there for centuries!
Designed by TA Landscape Architecture, this bridge is part of a $2 billion initiative that aims to attract more tourists to the area. It rises well over the relatively leafy canopy of the Ba Na Hills and offers an unparalleled view of the surrounding landscape. Its formidable height along with the surrounding mist, makes a walk across seem delightfully similar to a walk in the clouds!
The Golden Bridge has provided numerous photo opportunities to those who have visited so far and provided much welcomed international attention to Ba Na Hills. The area received an estimated 2.7 million visitors last year and with the construction of this bridge, that number is almost certain to go up!

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Not sure about you, but we certainly can’t wait to visit Ba Na Hills and walk through the clouds enveloped in the ‘hands of God’!!
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