5 Places To Travel Visa Free This Summer With Your Emirati Passport!

5 Places To Travel Visa Free This Summer With Your Emirati Passport!


In a world of endless opportunities, your Emirati passport opens up a whole new world of hassle free travelling. So, if you are looking for some visa free countries or want to explore nations that give you visa on arrival, allow this article to help you out.

1. Armenia

The mesmerizing country of Armenia is the closest from United Arab Emirates. Its exceptional beauty and the activities available around the Arafat Mountain are worth the visit. Maybe this super useful list of 11 popular things to do in Armenia will help you out with the vacation planning.

2. Austria

You are just a flight away from the capital city, Vienna. This little city mesmerizes you with its cultural and architectural beauty, but if you are hosting the travel spirit in you, you are in for a lot more! One of the top 'No Visa Countries' for UAE, you can live in the Austria for up to 90 days without a tourist visa.

3. France

Call it The City of Lights or The City of Dreams, the heart of France, Paris, will surely never disappoint. With significant number of museums hosting the endless artifacts of history, you will never run out on things to see in Paris. Travel a bit further and you will be dumbfounded by the beauty of cities like Nice and the likes. Need more convincing? Here are 10 reasons why you should absolutely visit France!

4. Czech Republic

Your flight should land in a small city called Prague, and the city is no less than a fairy tale! We are quite sure the picture explains a thousand words of praise! With its diverse architecture, its vibrant culture, its storybook towns and villages and its beautifully cobbled streets, Czech Republic will leave you enthralled with its beauty.

5. Italy

Your hassle free access to this extraordinary country means that you will get to experience Italy at its finest. With clear blue skies and dreamy sunsets amplifying its beauty, a tour to Venice, Rome or Florence will surely leave you with a desire to travel more. If you are interested, just let this lovely holiday package help you with the planning.

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