Madain Saleh
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How to reach Madain Saleh:

Distance from Riyadh to Madain Saleh – Approx. 12 Hour (1113 Km)

Distance from Jeddah to Madain Saleh – Approx. 7 Hour (745 Km)

Madain Saleh

A lesser known attraction in the hidden city of Al Ula, Madain Saleh is an archeological site situated in the heart of the ancient Nabataean civilization. Proclaimed as the Saudi’s first UNESCO World Heritage site, this pre-Islamic attraction is one of the greatest treasures of the Kingdom. One of the best preserved sites of the Nabataean civilization, dating from 1st century BC to 1st century AD, Madain Saleh is spread over an area of 13.4 km. The site is home to more than 1000 non-monumental graves and around 131 massive rock-cut tombs with intricately decorated facades with Greek stylization and Egyptian embellishments.

Madain Saleh is not just rocks and sands, but its other-worldly scenery, breath-taking beauty, and the hidden ancient history that lies in its vast sandy desert, make it a destination worth exploring. There’s nothing more fascinating than enjoying outdoor activities in the desert. With a backpack and music tunes and your boots tied tight, you have nothing to do but explore! And that’s exactly what you are going to do in and around the Madain Saleh.

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Weekend Getaways in Saudi Arabia

Elephant Rock Treat yourself to Saudi Arabia’s Weekend Getaways! Whether you're looking for a weekend getaway to indulge in several desert activities, enjoy sightseeing, or simply unwind in Saudi Arabia with family or friends, you are looking at the right place! Relive your life again and add some spice to it with exciting holidays in Saudi Arabia. Madain Saleh

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A thriving capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh is a treasure trove of interesting things to do and see! Here, modern-day excitement blends seamlessly with traditional and unique cultural experiences. From its modern shopping malls to shimmering golden sand dunes, its urban style to its distinctive, cultural heritage sites, Riyadh’s characteristics are diverse. Such diversity makes Riyadh a vital part of the Saudi Arabian Kingdom. Here are some of the best ways to get to know this vibrant destination.

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Riyadh’s Main Attractions

National Museum of Saudi Arabia

Kingdom Centre Tower

Golden Desert and Tuwaiq Mountain

Heritage Village of Al Gha

Masmak Fort

Old Dir-aiyah

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Weekend getaways in and around Jeddah:

Heading to Jeddah and wondering what to do on weekends to explore the city?

The entertainment and the commercial capital of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah is perched along the Red Sea coast, offering a plethora of sightseeing opportunities, plenty of shopping avenues, as well as  a multitude of entertainment activities to revel in. Spend a weekend on Jeddah’s stunning coast, enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful sunrises and sunsets, along with mystical sounds of the rushing waves.

Also known as the ‘Getaway to the Two Holy Sites’ due to its close proximity to Makkah and Medina city, Jeddah is just a 4-hour drive away from the holy shrine. The city offers tourists an immersion into Saudi Arabian history and culture through its many heritage centers and museums. Besides the numerous cultural and historical activities, the city offers many more venues including gardens, amusement parks, water sports and beaches, ensuring you remain entertained throughout your journey!

Jeddah’s Main Attractions

The Red Sea – Corniche and Corals


Kings Fahad Fountain

Floating Mosque

Medina Gate

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