Hatta Dam
Rather than waiting for the annual holidays to arrive, why not add a weekend getaway or a short road trip between your vacation calendar instead? Combining the rugged mountains and the versatility of the desert in one tour, a weekend trip to Hatta Mountain is an incredible way to explore two contrasting landscapes, something that you cannot afford to miss while you are in Dubai.

How to reach Hatta

No matter in what vehicle you choose to drive to Hatta Mountain, be it a Land Cruiser or a Hummer, your weekend tour to Hatta will only take you about 1 hour (105km from Dubai International Airport) from Dubai city. Revel in a scenic drive through the rugged terrains of Oman, before reaching Hatta village. It is highly advisable that you carry your passport with you, while crossing checkpoints.

Hatta Wadi Tour

Things to do in Hatta - Hatta Wadi Tour

Your Hatta Wadi tour begins with an action-packed dune-bashing session in the desert, before you head towards the Hatta Mountain. A great combination of history, culture, and adventure, the Hatta Wadi tour would definitely give you one of the most unforgettable experiences when it comes to weekend getaways from Dubai. What’s more, the Hatta Wadi tour covers numerous destinations en-route, giving you plenty of opportunities to bring back home a lot of Arabian treasures and memories. Few such exciting destinations that you can explore along the way include Hatta Heritage Village, Hatta Water Dam, Hatta Hill Park, and an array of fresh water pools.

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Hatta Mountain Safari

Top things to do in Hatta - Hatta mountain safari

An incredible off-road journey through the spectacular Hajjar Mountains and Wadis, a road-trip to Hatta through one of the most adventurous terrains, would give thrill-seekers a pleasant surprise! With this Hatta Mountain Safari, you will be mesmerized to see the gorgeous Wadis and some fresh-water natural mountain pools, where you can unwind or refresh before proceeding to the next stop. Explore the quaint desert scenery of Hatta and the several dried up river beds, surrounded by the mesmerizing Hajjar Mountain range. Wedged between the jagged mountains and the colossal desert, a weekend trip to Hatta Mountains certainly offers breath-taking beauty and refreshing breezes. It’s not just the beauty, but the sheer tranquility that will mesmerize you forever!

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Hatta Heritage Village

Things to see in Hatta - Hatta Heritage Village

One of the top things to see in Hatta is the traditional Hatta Heritage Village. Embark on a thrilling drive to the village, nestled along the foothills of the Hajjar Mountains. Step back in time as you discover the 16th century ancient village of Hatta constructed using mud stones, reeds, and palm trees, displaying the ancient tradition of the village dating back hundreds of years. Take a memorable tour to Hatta and explore its local heritage village by visiting its 16th century’s Portuguese fort, tiny, ancient houses, and the quaint, local shops. Don’t miss an opportunity to visit the Friday Market of the village that sells pots, carpets, fresh fruits and much more.

Where to stay in Hatta 

Leaving the Hatta Heritage Village behind, your Hatta Wadi tour will continue to another popular attraction of the tour, that is the Hatta Fort Hotel. With its quaint chalet-style rooms, restaurants, and fascinating rock-feature swimming pools, Hatta Fort Hotel gives you an insight into ancient Portuguese architecture and shows how it is differed from typical Arabic architecture. You can stop over at the Hatta Fort Hotel for a lip-smacking, sumptuous lunch, after which, you can head towards the traditional local souks that sell everything from Arabian carpets to antiques to home-made Arabian pottery, and much more.

Tips for Hatta Mountain Tour 

  1. Due to its high altitude, the climate in Hatta is cooler than Dubai. During winters, the nights get chilly, so it’s recommended to bring along some warm clothes.
  2. Ensure to have right safety gear, emergency supplies, equipment.
  3. Those opting for mountain biking must have a GPS tracker, mobile phones, and battery pack.
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