A simple guide to what NOT to do In Maldives!

A simple guide to what NOT to do In Maldives!

The beautiful island country of Maldives is where magic meets beauty. And while your vacation in this piece of paradise will be full of sunbathing, snorkeling, scuba diving, whale shark watching, island hopping, bicycle riding, gorging on delicious food, surfing and paddle boarding, we also want to ensure that your holiday goes smoothly, without any glitch. Hence, here’s a simple guide to what not to do in Maldives to make your trip a more memorable one!

8 Things Not To Do In Maldives

1. Don’t wear swimwear on the streets:

Bikinis, monokinis and swimming trunks are cool, but only on your resort’s private beach or in that ‘Instagram ready’ swimming pool your hotel boasts of. However, being a conservative country, the denizens of Maldives appreciate it when tourists don’t wear their beachwear to the market or in public places. It is also appreciated if the men keep their shirts on even if the sun is sweltering down their necks.

2. Don’t buy turtle shells or black coral:

Turtles and black corals are endangered, not just in the Maldives, but all over the world. So, this one technically applies to wherever you go. While taking a stroll on one of the many atolls in Maldives, you might come across some shady people who are trying to sell turtle shells or black corals to you. Know that sale of these products has been banned in Maldives for over two decades now. So, please don’t partake in this illegal and unethical sale unless you want to face harsh punishments or even jail time.

3. Don’t smoke or consume food publicly during the holy month of Ramadan:

Maldives is a Muslim country. And if you are visiting it during the holy month of Ramadan when the people following the faith fast from dawn until dusk, it is advised that you refrain from eating out in the public. Since you will be a tourist, no one will take any action against you if you do so, but it will be good if you don’t, out of respect for the residents. The same applies to smoking.

4. Refrain from PDA:

Public displays of affection (PDA!) are frowned upon and are against the law. Although you can get lovey-dovey in the privacy of your resort walls, or better yet, your private villa, any overt public display of affection might make the locals around you a tad uncomfortable.

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5. Don’t expect the seaplanes to be on time:

Just don’t! The seaplanes, despite having a fixed schedule, are never on time. This is mostly due to erratic pickup and drop timings. So, you’ll only get to know your seaplane’s departure time once it takes off with you! It’s better if you take this delay into consideration while planning your vacation itinerary.

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6. Don’t litter in the ocean:

This one is again a universal law. No matter which beach destination you visit, please refrain from littering. We have all seen images of seals trapped in plastic sheets, of plastic removed out of a whale during autopsy and of a straw stuck in a poor turtle’s nose. Do you really want to be a contributing factor to this blasphemy?

7. Don’t carry alcohol into Maldives:

Carrying alcohol into the country is against the law. If you do, you are required to declare it at the immigration, and you’ll have to deposit the bottles with the officer there. You can collect your bottles while leaving Maldives. Although drinking alcohol is not prohibited, bringing your own alcohol into the country is banned. Also, drinking in public areas is a strict no. Being a Muslim country, you can't bring pork into Maldives either; nor will you be served pork on any of the atolls.

8. Don’t pack shoes/ heels!

Duh! Why pack unnecessary stilettos, Oxfords and boots when all you’ll ever need in Maldives are some flirty slip-on sandals or some colourful flip flops?! The resorts are chilled out as far as a dress code is concerned, so, carrying formal shoes will just take up extra space in your travel bag. And now here’s a fun list of amazing things to do in Maldives! Ready to go on an incredible beach vacation?
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