What to do in Tbilisi in 2 days?

What to do in Tbilisi in 2 days?

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Things to do in Tbilisi, Georgia

The capital and largest city of the country of Georgia, Tbilisi has a lot to offer. Despite its condensed size, Tbilisi tourism is booming, and how! So for those of you wondering what all you can do in Tbilisi in two days, read on!

Places to visit in Tbilisi in two days!

Aptly perched along the banks of the beautiful Mtkvari River, Tbilisi in Georgia is an eclectic mash of different cultures and a diverse history. There are so many popular tourist attractions in Tbilisi that exploring them all in two days might just not be possible. So to make things easier, we’ve made our own Tbilisi tourist map that’ll help you see the best of this colourful city in just two days. tbilisi tour packages

Things to see in Tbilisi - Day 1

Begin your day with some cardio! Climb up the hillock of the ancient fortress of Narikala. Located on the campus of this magnificent fortress is the Saint Nicholas Church and you should check it out as well while on your visit. Located right next to the Narikala Fortress (maybe a walk of just 3-4 minutes) is the lush Tbilisi Botanical Garden. You can take a stroll down its verdant paths while taking in the beauty of its exotic flora and fungi.
Things to do in Tbilisi in two days
The Mother Of Georgia Statue
A walk of 10 minutes will take you to the Kartlis Deda, popularly known as the Mother of Georgia statue. A symbol of the city, the statue represents Georgia’s hospitality – a welcoming bowl of wine for friends and a sword for the foes. After a quick lunch, spend a relaxing afternoon at any one of the famous Sulphur baths of Tbilisi. The Bath District, locally known as Abanotubani, is Tbilisi’s oldest neighbourhood and is definitely worth exploring during your 2 days in Tbilisi. If you are in search of some unique travel experiences in Tbilisi, you have to visit the Tbilisi Antique Archaeological Museum! Founded by Georgian archeologist Rostom Abramishvili, this museum is like a time travel machine that’ll take you back to the simpler yet innovative days.
Tbilisi travel itinerary
The Bridge Of Peace in Tbilisi
End your fist day in Tbilisi with a walk over the technologically and architecturally marvelous Bridge Of Peace. A steel and glass pedestrian bridge, this fixture in the historical district of Tbilisi is a sight to behold at night. On your way from the Archeological museum to the Bridge Of Peace, make a pit stop at the Georgian Orthodox Cathedral of Tbilisi Sioni Cathedral. Quaint and historical, this cathedral has a calming aura around it.

Best things to do in Tbilisi - Day 2

Day 2 of your two days Tbilisi itinerary will be a fun one! Especially if you are visiting with your kids. Begin your day with a funicular ride up Mt. Mtatsminda to the Mtatsminda Park. An amusement park that caters to children as well as the children at heart, Mtatsminda Park also gives some of the best panoramic views of the city of Tbilisi.
Tbilisi tourist attractions Liberty Square
The Liberty Sqaure with the statue of St. George
After enjoying the rides to your heart’s content, hop back on the funicular, come down the mountain and then walk over to the Liberty Square. Also known as Freedom Square, you will find the golden statue of St. George slaying a dragon at the center of this square. The statue is put on a 40 meters tall monument of freedom and victory. A walk of 5 minutes will see you entering the super intriguing Georgian National Museum. Made up of a chain of buildings, the Georgian National Museum is made up of several museums, namely, the Open-Air Museum of Ethnography, the Art Museum of Georgia, Museum of History of Tbilisi and the Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia. After finishing your exploration of the Georgian National Museum, you can walk over to the stunning Vorontsov's Palace and the gigantic Parliament of Georgia and check out their marvelous architecture. Guided tours of Vorontsov's Palace are available, and you should definitely opt for one.
Shopping in Tbilisi Dry Bridge Market
Shopping in Tbilisi looks so colourful!
A quick walk of 15 minutes will take you to the Dry Bridge Market. Essentially a flea market, all your shopping needs will be fulfilled here! For some souvenir shopping and bargain hunting, the Dry Bridge Market is the best place in Tbilisi. End your 2nd day in Tbilisi with a visit to its famous Holy Trinity Cathedral. Also called Sameba Cathedral, this is Georgia’s largest church and one of the most impressive orthodox churches you’ll ever come across.

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