The Ultimate Packing Guide For Your Switzerland Winter Getaway!

The Ultimate Packing Guide For Your Switzerland Winter Getaway!

Thinking of spending the winters in the laps of the gorgeous Swiss Alps? While our UAE is used to fluctuating temperatures that range from sweltering hot to snuggle worthy cold, the temperatures in Switzerland are a different ball game altogether. While winters in the UAE range from “should I carry a shawl (stole) with me, in case it gets cold?” to “can we just turn on the heater to a toasty 25℃ and call it a day”, the winters in Switzerland begin with wearing layers and layers of clothing (including that shawl) and end with spending hours together in front of a fireplace! And if you are thinking of exploring the beauty of such harsh yet magically magnetic winters of Switzerland, here’s a list of things you should pack before you head over to that winter land.

What To Pack For Switzerland Winter

Down Jackets

Down Jackets - what to pack for Switzerland winters Generally filled with the feathers of either duck or geese or both, down jackets will prove to be the perfect outer layer. They will protect you from the glacial winds and light snowfall.

Fleece Jackets

what to wear in Switzerland Fleece jackets (jumpers/ pullovers made of fleece) are perfect for wearing underneath your down jackets. Lightweight and reliable. Can be worn as a standalone piece of clothing during a sunny winter day in Switzerland.


what to wear in Switzerland The good old sweater – perfect as an inner most layer of clothing and for those occasional hot winter days.
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Thermal Wear

what to pack for Switzerland winters
The woman wearing just her Thermals during a sunny day in the Swiss Alps
Thinking of hitting the slopes for some skiing or snowboarding in the Swiss Alps? Don’t forget to pack thermal wear. It’ll hug you like your own skin and warm you up from the inside. Thermal pants can be worn inside your jeans/ cargos/ trousers; they’ll keep you super warm.
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Mufflers/ Woolen Scarves

Mufflers will keep you warm during such cold outings
To keep your neck warm and to keep cold air from entering your layers of jackets. Also, to keep you looking super cute! Can be pulled up to the nose to keep the face warm. If you are going skiing in say, Zermatt or St. Moritz,  pack a neck warmer instead of a scarf/ muffler. Woolen scarves might come undone and prove to be a hindrance during your ski session.
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Woolen Cap

woollen caps - clothing for winters in Switzerland To keep your head and ears warm and to prevent direct contact with glacial winds.


Gloves - must pack for Switzerland winter vacation Why would you want to freeze your fingers while playing in the snow?!
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Thick Socks

Christmas winter in Switzerland To protect your feet and, if you happen to be visiting during Christmas, you can hang the socks up by the mantle so that Santa can leave gifts!


what footwear to pack for Switzerland winter Pack boots with a sturdy grip. These will help you navigate through the winterland of Switzerland – from the snow-capped mountains to the slippery frozen roads in cities like Zurich, Geneva, Bern and Lucerne.


To protect your eyes from the cold wind. Also, the higher the altitude, the brighter and harsher the sun rays. So, packing sunglasses is always a good idea.
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You might have to face light rains, depending on which part of Switzerland you are in. Packing a raincoat is advised. Better pack it and not face any rainfall than to not pack it and be drenched to the bone! Or at least, throw in an umbrella while packing for Switzerland winters.
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Cold Cream and Sunscreen

what to pack for Switzerland trip Why leave your skin to the mercies of the weather? The winters tend to dry out and crack open exposed skin - cold cream will leave your skin moisturized and supple. The higher the altitude, the harsher the sun rays and the more are the chances of you getting sun burnt. That’s where sunscreen will come in handy. Packing a ski jacket or ski overalls is also a good idea if you intend on spending all of your Swiss winter on the slopes. However, you can also rent these out at your ski resort. Lastly, don’t forget to pack an appetite! The food and beverages in Switzerland will scintillate your taste buds and how! Have you ever visited Switzerland during the winters? How was your experience? Would you like to add anything to this packing list that’ll help future travellers with their winter packing? Comment down below 😊
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