What’s brewing: 8 must-try coffees from around the world

What’s brewing: 8 must-try coffees from around the world

best coffee around the world
Coffee makes the world go round! Yes, for many, coffee is their oxygen. To kick-start a day or to simply get you through the day – coffee has become an indispensable part of our daily lives. From an evergreen espresso to the mouth-watering Irish coffee, die-hard coffee fans just can’t live without their fill of their favourite one. On the occasion of International Coffee Day (October 1), holidayme lists down 8 must-try coffees from around the world. Whether you're a coffee lover or not, these images would entice you to grab that hot cuppa right away!

1. Vietnam: Egg Coffee

coffee culture of the around Egg coffee? It may sound weird but it's yum, trust us! Made up of egg yolk, robusta coffee, sugar, and condensed milk - this heavenly concoction is worth giving a shot and is a must-do thing in Vietnam. Rich and thick, this coffee can be easily substituted as a meal.

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2. Turkey: Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee- one of the best coffee in the world No one takes their coffee as seriously as the Turks! No wonder it has made it to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. The coffee is brewed in cezve (copper pot with a long handle) and is usually served after a meal along with a chewy Turkish candy.

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3. Spain: Café Bombón

coffee tradition around the world Made of coffee and sweetened condensed milk, café bombón or café canario is a popular espresso, served in a clear glass. Originated in Valencia, Spain, it doubles up as a dessert, for its sweet awesome taste. When in Spain, don't forget to order one for yourself!

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4. Mexico: Café de Olla

Popular coffee of the world The literal translation of Café de Olla in English is Pot Coffee! Finely grounded Mexican coffee beans, cinnamon, and piloncillo (Mexican sugar) are added to an earthen clay pot and brewed - and your hot cup of Café de Olla is ready! During the time of the Mexican Revolution, this warm, filling cup of coffee was served to the soldiers, which kept their energy level high throughout the day.

              5. Ireland: Irish Coffee

Coffee types in the world Irish coffee was born in the 1940s, with the idea to keep the American tourists warm during cold Irish nights. This decadent, after-meal drink is a mix of Irish whiskey, hot coffee, and sugar, topped with a gracious amount of whipped-cream - making it a sinful treat! So, are you ready to commit this sin?

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6. Italy: Espresso

The evergreen - espresso The go-to coffee of the Italians - espresso is their life! Mostly consumed standing at the bar of a cafe, espresso is served in a tiny cup - like a 'shot'. Generally thicker than a usual coffee, it is topped with a thin layer of cream. From lattes to cappuccinos, espresso is used to create many such coffee drinks.

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7. Austria: Kaisermelange

One of the best coffee to try - Kaisermelange The Emperor's Melange or Kaisermelange is a strong black coffee which is quite popular in Austria. It is mixed with an egg yolk and honey; in Vienna, a shot of cognac is also added for the taste. There's no better way to enjoy the scenery of Austria than while sipping the 'emperor's blend'!

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8. India: Filter Coffee

Types of Coffee - Filter coffee South Indians cannot go on with their lives if their favourite filter coffee is not served first thing in the morning. Their addiction to coffee is well-known! It's an art to brew a perfect cup of filter coffee; you just need to master the art of mixing the right amount of milk and sugar! It is served in a stainless steel tumbler and dabarah (container) which comes in handy to cool the coffee.

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