Where to Go for the Best Halal Food in Hong Kong

Where to Go for the Best Halal Food in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a melting pot of cultures from all over the world, and this adds some amazing dimensions to the food scene here. The best part is there is plenty of halal food in Hong Kong available for those with dietary preferences. One can find halal versions of every cuisine from across the globe in Hong Kong - from Korean barbeques to Chinese meals, from Jamaican barbecued ribs to fried chicken, and from fresh dum biryani to sizzling kebabs! So, if you're thinking to travel to Hong Kong and think getting your choice of halal food might be an issue, we're here to help you out! Here are some of the Certified Halal restaurants you must try out when looking for halal food in Hong Kong:

Wai Kee

Duck rice served perfectly
To satiate your craving for Chinese cuisine, a visit to the Wai Kee is recommended. It is a humble stall at the Cooked Food Centre, and offers an iconic dish: Duck Rice, which consists of perfectly roast duck with crispy skin and soft, juicy meat, coupled with soft, sticky rice. Since it is Muslim owned, all the food here is halal certified. Some of the other must-have dishes here include the lamb curry and rice. This haunt is a must-visit when scouting for halal street food in Hong Kong.

Ebeneezer’s Kebab

Fish and Chips at a Halal Friendly Restaurant Hong Kong
Tasty Fish and Chips

The renowned chain of certified halal foods, Ebeneezer’s Kebab, serves scrumptious halal food options such as fish and chips, kebabs with 12 different dressing options to chose from, biryanis, pizzas and salads. A quick bite after a long tiring day of touring around Hong Kong will be like a trip to heaven and back!

Aladin Mess

Halal friendly restaurants in Hong Kong
Freshly prepared grilled meat tikkas

Aladin Mess is one of the LOVED places to eat in Hong Kong. Over the years, it has become one of the favourites Certified Halal Food Restaurants in town. Their wide menu range offers Tandoori Full Lamb Leg, Lamb Biryani, Fish Tikka and so much more! With a broad range of curries and biryanis to choose from, they also specialize in seafood options.


Grilled meat
Mediterranean and Egyptian cuisines have been gathering a lot of popularity recently, and Hong Kong is catering to it perfectly well. Hyatti, located on Hoi King Street, Tai Kok Tsui, is the perfect place to indulge your craving for Mediterranean, Egyptian, and Italian cuisines. They serve some amazing halal delicacies such as grilled meats, seafood tagine, soups, kinds of pasta, and more. For some of the best halal food in Hong Kong, make reservations before going!

27 Kebab House

27 Kebab House Halal Friendly Restaurant Hong Kong
Delicious beef rolls

One of the pocket-friendly diners in Hong Kong, 27 Kebab House offers Turkish Indian cuisines. They have LOTS of options to choose from ranging from lip-smacking curries to pizzas loaded with cheese. Easy on the pocket, they also serve chicken and lamb with pita bread, lamb doner rolls, chicken doner rolls, beef doners and biryanis. Vegetarian options are available too in rolls and salads.

Islamic Centre Canteen

Beef dumplings dim sums momos at Halal friendly restaurant hong kong
Beef dim sums

This is perhaps the most famous of eateries when it comes to dim sums. A feast of flavours awaits you here, with all dishes being halal-certified. With more than 30 dishes available to choose from, you are sure to be spoilt for choice. A few popular favourites include the deep-fried glutinous dumplings, steamed chicken rice rolls, beef dumplings, braised chicken feet, butter egg cake, deep-fried won tons, and fried radish cake.

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Islam Food

Lamb biryani kept on a wooden table
For the most succulent lamb goulash, Islam food is the place to go to. One of the most popular halal restaurants in Hong Kong, Islam Food is the perfect excuse to indulge your food cravings. From scallion pancakes to lamb chops, from mutton curry to beef dumpling soup, and from lamb biryani to grilled chicken, all the dishes here are halal-certified.

Oh Food

Fresh falafel on a wooden board

For authentic Arabic halal cuisine, the only place to visit is Oh Food, which specializes in serving up a storm of Arabic dishes. The must-try dishes here are the duck tagine, which is cooked for hours to give it a crispy texture yet being succulent on the inside. Falafel and its age-old accompaniment, the baba ghanoush, are other specialities here. A good place to sample authentic Arabic halal food in Hong Kong.

Happy Cow

Delicious milkshakes of different flavours
After all that heavenly food, when it’s finally time for dessert, head over to Happy Cow, which serves halal-certified ice creams and milkshakes. The most popular flavours are sesame, strawberry, pineapple, coconut, pina colada, rambutan, and many others. Located on Kwan Road, Wan Chai, this eatery is highly recommended.


Persian chicken and lamb meat Shashlik Kebab  at LOVEAT Halal Friendly Restaurant Hong Kong
Persian Chicken and lamb meat Shashlik Kebab
If you wish to indulge in mouth-watering Persian delicacies, LOVEAT is the place to be at! It is the first-ever authentic Persian cuisine serving restaurant in Hong Kong! Barbeque grilled ground lamb and beef with salad is one of their specialities. For all the kebab lovers, they have plenty of options to pick from. Additionally, they also make some tasty chicken wings, Dolmeh, Persian style chicken wings amongst other sides.

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