Where to travel in February – the season full of advantages

Where to travel in February – the season full of advantages

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The winter holiday season might look like it’s coming to an end, and the next vacation is far from now – your previous holidays have all become a distant memory! Fret not, the month of February is here to your rescue! Being the shortest month, it comes with loads of advantages. If you’re tired of the cold and gloomy weather, February season is apt to escape winter blues and head for some sunshine. Those who like to let their hair down can look out for festivals held in this month all across the globe. Planning your travel in advance can get you good deals, in terms of flights, activities and hotel bookings in this month. Then there is Valentines Day – a perfect time of the year for a romantic getaway in the season of love. Well, the reasons are aplenty to travel, and if you are wondering where to travel in February, keep reading and you will have your answer!

Best places to visit in February

1. La Gomera, Canary Islands

la gomera weather february
Playa de Santiago
La Gomera
Valle Gran Rey Mountain Valley

Looking for something exotic and far from the maddening crowd? La Gomera is the perfect place for your escape. Deserted rocky beaches, giant palm and banana trees, and magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean make this lesser-known island of Canary more captivating. Hiking is a great way to explore the natural beauty of the island and admiring some stunning views. The most popular way to get to the island is by ferry or flying from Tenerife North Airport in Spain. 

2. Tobago, Caribbean

tobago weather february
Pigeon Point

Tobago’s weather in February is temperate, making it one of the best months to visit this beautiful island. Mostly under the shadows of Trinidad, the famous tourist destination, Tobago is unable to garner the limelight it rightfully deserves. The atmosphere is more chilled and the locals are welcoming and warm. The island is relaxed and moves at its own pace; excellent local food, pristine beaches, and quietness makes it an ideal place to spend some time in privacy. Still wondering where to go in February? 

3. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

puerto vallarta weather february
Puerto Vallarta Promenade

Experience Mexico Like Never Before!

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Fittingly perfect weather and reasonably low hotel prices – February is the month to think about vacationing in Puerto Vallarta. This resort town of Mexico is famous for its nightlife, beautiful and lively beaches, and water sports. It’s considered to be ‘The most romantic destination in Mexico’. Warm and friendly locals, traditionally and culturally rich, and exceptionally good food makes Puerto Vallarta a must-visit destination of North America. Those who love whale watching can visit Puerto Vallarta in February as the weather is just right!

4. Hallstatt, Austria

hallstatt in february

Undeniably Austria’s oldest and most photographed village, Hallstatt, looks like a page straight out of a fairy tale. This quaint village is tucked between mountains, perched with multi-coloured houses overlooking Lake Hallstatt. The best way to admire the village’s beauty is to take a ride in the ferry across the lake. Take a walk around the village and you will be presented with amazing views and sights. Hallstatt in February is a perfect destination to celebrate love. 

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5. Havana, Cuba

Where to go in February

El Morro Castle

Ample of Cuban history and culture, and colourful old vintage cars – that’s Havana for you! Once you visit Havana, the vibe of the city is hard to ignore. Cafes and bars are exceptionally good; art aficionados can take a look at the art scene of the city and get inspired. The weather remains warm and pleasant throughout the year. While in the Cuban capital, don’t forget to be extra courteous – they will treat you like family in return.

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