White Friday Sale 2019: Plan holidays to these 5 white-as-snow places!

White Friday Sale 2019: Plan holidays to these 5 white-as-snow places!

The best time of the year is now! It’s celebrations galore! The UAE National Day (December 2), followed by Christmas, and finally, New Year’s Eve – it’s truly the time to rock and roll! And, not to forget – Black Friday Sale is coming up, where entire America goes bonkers over shopping, with some crazy deals. Celebrating the same with equal fervor, holidayme will be running hot hotel deals and offering flight discounts between 25th to 29th November! So if you're planning a white Christmas celebration or a long weekend National Day getaway, or looking for last minute hotel deals - holidayme's White Friday Hotel Deals won’t let you down! Our White Friday Sale 2019 is valid on all hotels, and you can avail heavy discounts on hotel prices if you book through the holidayme app! If winter is your favourite season and you are keen to visit a place which is white-as-snow, here is a list of 5 best winter holiday destinations that will instantly melt your heart. So make the most of your stay in these awesome, snow-laden places by booking your favourite hotel or get best flight discounts during the Black Friday Sales.

5 white-as-snow places: Book your hotels in White Friday Sale

1. Bergen 

Snow kissed city of Bergen

The second largest city of Norway, Bergen gives a homely vibe of a small, quaint town. A UNESCO World Heritage city, Bergen looks more prettier as the winter sets in. Take a fjord boat tour and enjoy the stunning views of the islets and fjords, and be rest assured to fall in love with the scenery the boat ride has to offer. The port area has some houses dating back to the 1900s; shop for the local handicrafts or stroll around the area, admiring the Norwegian heritage. Looking for a view to die for? Hop onto the Floibanen funicular. The funicular takes you to Fløyen, from where you can bask in views of Bergen city. There are trails that are well-lit at night to enjoy sledging, skiing, hiking even after the sun comes down. Quite thoughtful, isn't it?! 

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2. Budapest 

Budapest city looking stunning on a cold white night If you ask which is the best time to travel to Budapest, it's undoubtedly the winter season! Beating the chills in the famous thermal baths - winter has never been so appealing. The sight of Hungarian Parliament surrounded by ice is beyond compare and makes for some great photo opportunities. There is enough snow for skiing and sledging, and the Christmas markets are equally good for shopping and eating to your heart's content. Coffee houses are aplenty to keep you warm, with delicious cakes to keep your tummy happy! Ruin Pubs or Kerts are open even during winters. These outdoor places are great to socialize and most importantly, to have a ball of a time!

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3. Amsterdam 

Snow laden canal of Amsterdam The winter months of Amsterdam are pure magic! The streets are more or less empty, and the queues are shorter in most of the museums and art galleries. The frozen canals become huge spaces for ice-skating; locals flock these ice rinks and can be seen showing off their skills and becoming instant hits on Instagram! Between November to January, Amsterdam hosts the annual Amsterdam Light Festival; every nook and corner of the city is adorned with lights - a spectacle not to be missed. Covered in a blanket of snow, Christmas markets and fairs are a delight to attend. From traditional items to latest goods; from lip-smacking food to fancy drinks, winter markets have it all!

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4. Kyoto 

Magical snow-kissed temple in Kyoto
Kinkaku-ji, Kyoto
Feel the calmness and ultimate peace when you visit Kyoto in winters. The city looks straight out of a fairy tale when its shrines and temples are covered in snow. Especially Kinkaku-ji (the Golden Pavilion) - it is whimsical! Locals and tourists alike flock this place to experience this sight, first hand. If you happen to be in Arashiyama, a popular area of Kyoto, you will be presented with a stunning sight. Arashiyama Hanatoro - an annual light festival (December 8 - 17) has been drawing crowds in numbers. Lights and flowers illuminate the path, while bamboo trees, shrines, and temples are decorated with lights - it's truly a sight to behold. Winter is also the best time to enjoy a dip in the hot water springs (Onsen) of Japan. Immerse yourself in an onsen and let the sulfuric water and its curative properties heal you while you enjoy the surroundings covered in snow - a blissful life, isn't it?

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5. Moscow

The Red Square of Moscow on a white winter night Your journey to Moscow will be unforgettable if you care to visit it during winters. From November till March end, the theater scene gets even better - opera and ballet performances by Russian artists are bound to leave you in awe. A cruise on the Moskva River is another must-do in Moscow during the peak winter season. Cutting through the ice-laden river, the cruise passes the Kremlin and other important sights - giving you a vantage view from the river. No trip is complete without taking a picture or two at the Red Square! The square turns into a huge ice-skating rink where anyone can try their hands at ice-skating' and bask in the admiration of Russian history. Winter is one of the best times to travel by the Trans-Siberian railroad. The train journey gets better as you go along, witnessing some breath-taking winter scenery and stunning landscapes. No matter how cold it might get there, if you have a couple of warm jackets and overcoats, scarves and gloves, and good, sturdy boots, you are good to conquer the Russian cold!

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