Take A Look Inside The World’s Most Expensive Hotel Suite

Take A Look Inside The World’s Most Expensive Hotel Suite

The President Wilson Hotel in Geneva
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True luxury lies in the finer details. For instance, when your hotel room's terrace has a telescope that lets you stargaze, or the bathrooms are stocked with Hermès bath products. When there's a Steinway grand piano in your suite along with the most exquisitely designed Brunswick billiard table. No matter how much your turn up your nose at the wasteful extravagance of the rich and the well-heeled, you can’t help but marvel at the ‘The Royal Penthouse Suite at the Hotel President Wilson’ – the most expensive hotel suite in the world, at prices starting from 80,000 USD per night!!

The grand living room

This Swiss hotel located besides Lake Geneva, proudly wears on its head, the crown of ‘World’s Leading Hotel Suite’ bestowed on it by the famed World Travel Awards. Given its opulence and stature, it’s no wonder that celebrities like Matt Damon, Rihanna, Bill Clinton, as well as the Saudi and Emirati royal family have chosen this royal suite for their stay in Geneva.

Now coming to the suite, given the price tag, the suite has to match up to very high expectations and here is how it delivers.

The suite covers the entire 8th floor, spanning 5,500 square feet (17 times the size of an average hotel room) with unimaginable views of Lake Geneva.

12 modern luxurious rooms equipped with marble bathrooms, laden with Hermès bath products.

Added security measures like bulletproof windows, a private lift, and emergency alarm buttons.

One of the biggest TV’s in the world from Bang & Olufsen, a Steinway grand piano, and a 1930 Brunswick billiard table.

A private collection of ancient books and art pieces.

Tempting Mouhalabieh at Arabesque

Talking about the hotel, located at one of the most prime spots in Geneva (10 minutes ride from airport), the Hotel President Wilson promises the perfect starting point for your swiss adventures. The food offerings at the hotel are particularly tantalizing, with three famous restaurants serving three different cuisines. Bayview – a Michelin starred restaurant serving French food, Umami – a Japanese fusion restaurant with French influences, and Arabesque – a Lebanese restaurant. Bayview and Umami are managed by the famous celebrity chef, Michel Roth.

Given its grand status in the luxury world, there is a great deal of curiosity behind the hotel’s name. Charles Tamman, the owner and general manager of the hotel, named it after US president, Woodrow Wilson, after buying and renovating it in 1996.

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