Zest up your summer holidays with thrilling water sports

Zest up your summer holidays with thrilling water sports

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Not everyone wants to spend their holidays just soaking up the sun while relaxing on a beach, or hiking or camping. There are plenty of other exciting activities one can indulge in while on a holiday. Splashing around in the water while enjoying adventurous water sports can be one of them. Just imagine, how would it feel diving in water filled with gigantic coral reef or simply gliding across the sea surface on the top of the waves? Here is a list of top water sports adventures you must experience once in a lifetime.

Zap-Cat Racing

Where: Aberdeen Beach, Scotland Best season: April to October Safety tips: Only adults above 18 years can participate, must have RYA race license. Feel the sand between your toes as you stroll along the pristine beaches of Aberdeen city in Scotland and experience power-boating, only these boats can go a lot faster! In simpler terms, Zap-Cat Racing is extremely fast boating. These powerboats achieve extreme speeds, high enough to get your adrenaline pumping and enjoy the thrills of a race.

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Spearfishing water sport

Where: Florida Keys, North America Best season: August to May (Florida Lobster Season) Safety tips: A word of caution: First estimate the sea depth and then plan to dive. Check your safety requirements such as proper flags, rigging and float lines before entering into the water. Under the warm waters, the coral reefs are a home to yellowtail snapper, mutton snapper, hog snapper, black grouper, amberjack and other rare species including Mahi-mahi, cobia and tuna. A combination of hunting and fishing, which requires both the skills and sporting ethics. This ancient method of fishing, is today’s modern spearfishing technique with the help of spear guns and slings.

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White Water Rafting

white water rafting

Where: Rio Pacuare, Costa Rica Best season: For Beginners (Jan to March), ideal time is July Safety tips: Never go rafting alone. Wear a life jacket and hold your T-grip all throughout the ride. It’s difficult to imagine how thrilling and adventurous it would be, going down the dangerous length in one of the world’s most famous rivers? Renowned for its utter beauty and flanked by steep and green walls, this place offers an untouched scenery and thrilling rafting. Pacuare River of Costa Rica is a must visit place to eexperience the wild and thrilling side of white water rafting.

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Where: Lake Navarino, Western Australia Best season: December to March Safety tips: Always wear a wet suit with life jacket, and check your gears before entering into the water. Avoid rides during rough sea. If you can imagine the fun you might have along with the incredible feeling of adrenaline pumping through your veins, then this might be just what you are looking for. There are few places where you can simply stroll along the shoreline, or glide through the waves for some of the best wakeboarding experience in the world… Lake Navarino is the real deal.

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Jetlev Flyer

Jetlev Jetpack
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Where: West Coast, Florida Best season: Late summer and early fall season Safety tips: Participants should be 18+ Do you want to indulge in water sport activities that are meaner, scarier than any other water sports you may have ever done? If yes, then Jetlev Flyer is what you are looking for! The most exhilarating water sport ride of your life, where you can actually fly over water, at times dozens of feet in the air and stay stationary over the water surface!

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Where: Farmington River, USA Best season: June and July Safety tips: Drink plenty of water before tubing, glass containers and alcohols are strictly prohibited, Participants must be at least 8 years old. Looking for excitement? Looking for thrill? Maybe a tubing trip down the Farmington River is just what you need! Crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches and so much to do – that’s the Farmington River tubing experience!

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Where: Costa Brava, Barcelona Best season: May to Sept Safety tips: Check your harness, cord, and other gear before entering the sea, do not try any stunts if you are just a beginner and avoid riding during monsoon season. Beautiful marine life, a typical Mediterranean climate, soft coral reef and an incredible family of sharks with colorful fishes - if that’s what you want, then the Costa Brawais the best spot for you and it gives access to one of the biggest natural playgrounds for adrenaline enthusiasts. May be, this place is not for beginners, as sometimes crazy big waves and weather, is what you have to deal with, but its worth for the experienced diver.

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Scuba Driving

scuba diving

Where: Gold Coast, Queensland Best season: August and December Safety tips: Check your gear, never hold your breath, and while diving at night, always carry a primary torch. Stunning coral reefs, clear, warm waters surrounding the bays, Gold Coast makes it an ideal home for a wide range of marine life as well as a great Scuba Diving holiday for you. While Gold Coast host to a booming surf community, the main fascination here is the amazing scuba diving. There is a plethora of amazing marine life to see as you glide under the waves.

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Where: Lake Bratan, Bali Best season: May to October Safety tips: Wear proper clothing while rowing, prevent twisting the rowing handle on either side. Bali has a wide range of rowing experiences for beginners and experienced riders. If you are not scared by reefs, strong flows and huge waves, then try rowing in the Lake Bratan, where waves normally reach high, with a sharp coral reef, but also some of the best row breaks in Bali. If you are a beginner, these are not recommended, you can try rowing at the Kuta Beach, as there is low risk.

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