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India Visa Requirement

Visitors to India mush obtain a visa from an Indian diplomatic mission unless they are from a country which has visa-free travel provision to India. India offers visa-free entry to the citizens of Bhutan, Nepal and Maldives (for 90 days). Travelers having an Overseas Citizens of India document or a Person of Indian Origin Card are also exempted from obtaining Indian visa. 
The Indian government, in order to give a massive boost to the tourism industry of the country, has introduced policy of e-Tourist Visa from November 2014. The Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) facility has become operational for the citizens of 40 countries. The list of 40 countries also includes the countries which have visa-on-arrival policy. However, the list of the 40 countries were further expanded to 113 countries in August 2015. 
The policy of e-Tourist Visa started on 15 April 2015 extends this facility to the citizens of Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America and many more.  The citizens of Japan can also avail the facility of visa on arrival since 1st March 2016. 
The application for e-Tourist Visa has to be applied at least four days in advance of the date of arrival to India. The visa is valid for single entry and offers a maximum stay of 30 days from the date of arrival. The visa can be obtained twice in a calendar year and cannot be extended. The fees of eTV are divided in four slabs of zero, USD 25, USD 48 and USD 60, depending on nationality, and includes a bank fee of 2.5% of the visa fee. As of now, the e-Tourist Visa allows arrival at the 16 international airports located in Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Gaya, Goa, Jaipur, Kochi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Thiruvananthapuram, Tiruchi and Varanasi. 
Please note, the visa policy of a country is subjected to change. Visit the nearest Indian diplomatic mission in your respective country or check with the website of Indian Visa for more updated information.

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Sharjah International Airport

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Mumbai (Bombay), Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport

Mumbai, India


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Before travelling one must know about all details about his/ her travelling and that’s certainly one real important aspect.

It’s the capital of UAE. IT contains a bucket of heritage in itself to get the piece of excitement to the viewers. It is one of the finest cities in the globe in terms of the architect. Huge museum is its most enthralling feature. Its central market is one of the most famous in the globe. There are more than 500 shops inside

with different sorts of things around it. Its exterior is a delight to watch. It also contains the museum which is used to display the Islamic work of all types related to the books, poetry or even the buildings. There is also apportion for the Arabian culture which is known as the SOUKS. Its heritage and the architect portion is spread in the vast direction and it also contains the plenty of entertainment portions as well.

Well its climate is not much enjoyable as it has itself a hot desert like climate with very average types of winter but the hottest types of the summer. Rainfall is very rare in this part of the globe. Well normally rain sometimes occur in February.

ITS transport structure is being designed on a good research and also on a good technique. It also used to face the traffic issues during its busiest hours. And really to overcome this issue it is the role of system to do something critically acclaimed. Well its taxis are cleaned and people used to use it more than their own transport to avoid the wastage of fuel during the peak time. And the most suitable features for the inhabitants is that the rates are totally fixed. It also provides the facility of the bus service but in the terms of nationwide service which also connects the different routes together.
There are many hotels in SHARJAH .ONE IS HILTON which is a bit prism like and a very spontaneous experience to watch. There is also another hotel in Sharjah which people normally used to say that it is a hotel for the young couples so we can say it a honeymoon hotel. There is COPTHORNE HOTEL TOO which contains a tall building and a blue type color which gives a southing affect to the eyes of the visitors. If one want to remain in a jolly and delightful mood then there is also a CORAL BEACH RESORT IN Sharjah which is placed near the beach.

THERE are many comfort levels available in the SHARJAH AIRPORT. IT provides the maximum facilities. It has the services of bank and car parking and many people can make their transactions here. Medical clinic is also available for the health purposes and also contains the facility of those companies which used to do the obligations of money transferring through the online debit cards. Mosque is also available whereas smoking zone is also present there. Kids also don’t get bore there because a huge kid playing area is also available. Food areas available to fill the appetite of travelers.

It is the dream of any actor to come and work in Bollywood. It produces the highest GDP to the INDIAN ECONOMY as it has all the money making and the commercial aspects to it and contains a huge scope for any type of business. It has also the most people living below the poverty line. City is a mixture of different cultures and its official language is Marathi. Doing the music and theatre are their hobbies. Festivals with different shades are celebrated with full zeal and zest. People of this city love to see the cinema.

This is one of the busiest airports in the globe. This airport have the availability of the two passenger also has the facility of air traffic control tower which is something that is very rare. Due to this feature its capacity has been increased to a great amount of extent. Car parking is available at a very huge level and contains a very suitable and the reasonable cost. A number of people all around this world used to use the cargo service both nationally and internationally.

January is the coolest month not very much rain occurs in this month but it provides a sensational affect to its inhabitant. May is the hottest month in the lot but the cool breeze provides a good amount of relaxation and it is mostly the wind that comes from the sea. July bestows the maximum amount of rain in this region. Rainfall is over in September and from there the temperature begins to fall down and stops at a moderate point.

Bus is an important source of transport with the facility of both single and double decker. Air conditioned video buses are also available. Its railway transport is the most oldest in Asia. With huge area covering by the railway it can allocates the maximum bandwidth of the passengers. It also contains a very special transport that is a monorail transport. It contains more than the three lines. In the past trams were also available but now in the present and current situation they are not as much popular state of transport now.
The city is a hub of many hotels. TAJ MAHAL PALACE is the most beautiful piece of art available.

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