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Cheap Flights to Luxor

Known to many as the “world’s greatest open-air museum”, the charm and beauty of Luxor needs to be seen in order to be believed! A city situated in Upper (southern) Egypt, the fascinating city of Luxor is the site of the ancient Egyptian city of Thebes. Words are not enough to describe this extraordinary city and the plethora of monuments in entails, for which, thousand book Luxor flights each year.

From the iconic ruins of the temple complexes of Karnak and Luxor to ancient royal tombs, to vast temples and a stunning desert and river-fed landscape, Luxor is nothing less than a sheer treat for history lovers and architecture buffs alike. Plan a holiday to Luxor and start looking for airfare deals on Luxor flights so that you can make the best out of your trip, within your budget.

Luxor is an extensive city and area-wise, it is mainly defined by its respective side on either side of the River Nile – the East Bank and the West Bank. The East Bank is home to the main Luxor city, the Temple of Karnak, the Temple of Luxor, the Museum, and a numerous amount of hotels and restaurants. The West Banks houses major ruins such as Valley of the Queens, Valley of the Kings, the Western Valley ruins, as well as a handful of hotels. Take a Luxor flight and explore all the ruins and tombs, which are mostly located on the West Bank of the Nile. 

The main, modern city of Luxor is nestled on the East Bank of the Nile. This is also the area where most of the restaurants, hotels, bus stations, train station, and tourist shops are centred around. Choose Holidayme’s efficient website as your medium to hunt for epic deal on airfares and air price discounts on Luxor flights.

There is no shortage of exciting things to see and do in Luxor. Some unmissable highlights are the temple complexes of Karnak and Luxor, the Tombs of the Nobles, the Ramesseum Temple, MedinetHabu, Valley of the Queens, and the Valley of the Kings, amongst others. Enjoy a cruise along the shimmering Nile River and catch unforgettable glimpses of Luxor.

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