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Philippines Visa Requirement

The visa policy of Philippines is governed by Commonwealth Act No. 613 and is also known as the Philippine Immigration Act. Philippines follows a visa-waiver policy which allows the nationals of visa waived countries to stay in the country for a period of 21 to 30 days. All eligible national wishing to avail the visa waiver facility must have passports valid for at least six months. Citizens of Brazil and Israel are allowed to stay in the country for 59 days while citizens of 156 countries are allowed to stay for 30 days. National of Hong Kong, Macau and Portugal can stay for 14 days while British Nationals (overseas) are allowed to stay for 7 days. Visa on arrival service is also available for 39 countries while citizens of Taiwan can avail the service of electronic travel authorization. Please check with the nearest Philippines consulate for more updates. 

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Manila, Ninoy Aquino Intl Airport

Manila, Philippines


Cheap Dubai to Manila Flights

If you are preparing for one of your Dubai to Manila flights, you should have a list of the places you can visit and the things that you can do while you are in these cities. Dubai and Manila hold the most beautiful places in the world. Each of the cities has something wonderful to offer and for you to enjoy. If Dubai offers you more of the  modern world, Manila can give you of what

the modern world cannot offer, and that is the beauteous wonder of the world and all of its beautiful natural spots such as pure and extra white sand beaches, springs, waterfalls, rivers, mountains and so much more.

Things to do while in Dubai Emirate

Dubai offers you the modern lifestyle, fun, and activities that you want to experience and enjoy. They have day trips, the beautiful and beguiling Dubai Fountains, the tallest building and highest skyscraper Burj Khalifa, the grandiose Dubai Mall, the stunning and magnificent Burj Al Arab, the breathtaking and nerve-wracking Aquaventure Waterpark, and the fun and exciting moments with the dolphins in the Dolphin Bay. These are just a few of the outstanding and outrageous attractions that Dubai offers you.

If you love boating, they have some exciting boat trips to offer you. Enjoy the 4WD, ATV and Off-road tours in Dubai as well if you are more into an adventurous type. 

Be Held Captive by Burj Al Arab

One of the most inviting and captivating places to be in Dubai is the Burj Al Arab. This luxury hotel stands out among the rest, as its architectural design is one of a kind, distinctively stylish and smart. If you want to be treated like a royal, you should pay a visit to this place. You can either book a stay or simply visit the place, and dine-in in their delectably scrumptious and plush restaurant. What makes this hotel more different from the others is that it stands still on its own island. It is extremely exclusive to its customers and guests. Their security staff is absolutely efficient.

Get Excited of what Manila can Offer You

Manila is the capital city of the Philippines. If you are in Manila, don’t get left behind by the amazing things that its neighboring provinces and cities can offer. It will only take a few minutes or an hour to 6 hours land travel to be in the next beautiful place on earth.

If you love the city and the nightlife, Manila is for you. There are a number of exclusive and luxury bars and clubs that you can try. If you want to shop for the lavish things that you are used to, you can go to The Fort where you will be presented with an array of high-end boutiques from apparels to footwear. You will also be offered sumptuous meals in any restaurants in the area.

Don’t Miss Out Cebu

If you will stay longer in Manila, you should not miss out visiting Cebu. You should put it on your itineraries in one of your Dubai to Manila flights. This is another province of the Philippines where you are not only spoiled by big establishments such as malls and nightlife experiences, you will also be held captive by its natural resources. Cebu province holds a great number of pure white sand beaches. Some of these beaches are free for you to enjoy. Other commercially owned beach resorts will not even cause you as much as you cost when you visit luxury beaches in other countries. In Cebu City, you can find five-star hotels that also keep beautiful resorts and pools such as Shangri-La, Movenpick, and Plantation Bay.

If you want to explore Cebu, you can choose in the long list of white sand beaches and islands in the province like Bantayan, Malapascua, Camotes, and don’t forget the huge shark whale in Oslob.

Don’t Forget Boracay

This island is widely known around the world, as it offers a pure white sand beach and a nice party nightlife by the beach in the evening. When you say pure white sand beach, it means that the sand is absolutely as pure as white, and it is natural. It is like a powdery sugar. Most of all, it is extremely clean.

Get Enchanted with Palawan

Another favorite destination in the country is Palawan. It nestled one of the world’s seven wonders, the underwater cave. The best thing about Palawan is that its natural resources are untouched. They preserved it. They don’t have any industrial plant in the area. No one is allowed to smoke anywhere. They are particular with cleanliness.

Before you can go to the underwater cave, you will have to go a land travel which is about 2-3 hours. While you are traveling, get your cameras ready, as you will be amazed and stunned by the limestones hills and beautiful islets that you will pass through on your way to the underwater cave. So, the hours of travel are all worth it.

Experience Batanes

If you want to experience the most picturesque landscapes, Batanes is the place for you. Just like any other provinces in the Philippines. The province also offers white sand beaches and wonderful picturesque landscapes. It is a refreshing place to be as the air is clean and fresh. The province is absolutely clean. You will be amazed by the warmness of the people there. Don’t forget to visit the Honesty Store. It is called as Honesty Store because no one is attending the store. You just come inside. Eat any delicacy from the province that you like, and pay it on the counter without anyone manning it. You can get all you want and you’ve got to decide if you will pay or not, but that’s why it is called as honesty store because obviously, it is for honest people.

Get Cooler in Baguio

A 4-hour drive from Manila, you will reach Baguio. If you are tired of walking around under the heat of the sun, you can visit this place. They also offer stunning and captivating places such as parks that are free for you to enjoy.

More than just Manila

If you are already done roaming around Manila and enjoying the things and luxury that they can offer, you can go down to these provinces if you want to experience an absolute freshness and beautiful beaches in the country.

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