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Egypt Visa Requirement

Because a large part of Egypt’s economy is dependent on tourism, the country is quite lenient in its visa policy, especially for tourists. For entry, one needs a passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of issue of visa. There are three types of Egyptian visas namely 

Tourist Visa – Usually valid maximum 3 months and granted on either a single or multiple entry basis
Entry Visa – For non-nationals visiting Egypt for reasons apart from tourism, example work, study etc.
Transit Visa – Needed for those only passing through the country, and not staying there.
Nationals of the following countries can get a visa on arrival for 3 months: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, South Korea, and Guinea among others. While citizens of Kuwait can obtain 6-month Residence Permit upon arrival.

Citizens of Georgia, Norway, Japan, Croatia, Germany, Japan, Macedonia, New Zealand, Serbia, and Ukraine among others can obtain visa upon arrival at any of the Egyptian ports of entry.

Fortunately, visas are sold at a row of bank booths in every arrivals terminal of Cairo International Airport as well as Burg al-Arab Airport in Alexandria. It should cost you no more than 92 UAE Dirhams. The procedure is typically speedy, with minimum questions, but the lines might be long if several flights have arrived at once. 

Currently, passport holders of the following countries are required to have a visa before arriving, which can be applied for through an Egyptian consulate or Egyptian embassy:

Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Morocco, Turkey, Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Israel, Afghanistan, Algeria, Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Kirghizstan, Lebanon, Moldova, Montenegro, Sri Lanka, Palestine, Thailand, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkmenistan,  Uzbekistan, Vietnam and all African countries (except the ones mentioned above). Malaysian citizens intending to stay in Egypt for more than 15 days will also require a visa. 

For further information on Egyptian online visa application form, please contact the nearest Egyptian Embassy, or visit your country’s Embassy of Egypt website.

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Cheap Riyadh to Cairo Flights

Travelling is a good way for people to experience the extra ordinary and that is planning things in an unknown destination. In this article there are a few pointers which can help in planning your Riyadh to Cairo flight.

Riyadh has been derived from the Arabic word “rawdah” meaning, “place of gardens and trees”. Situated on a flat plateau on the Arabian Peninsula, Riyadh has a hot desert climate with very hot summers and cool and windy winters. The

old Riyadh city was not a very huge place thus the historical places are also very limited. Masmak Fort which was built in 1895 is now a museum which has antique guns, costumes and other antique artifacts. The National Museum is another prominent tourist destination. It has eight exhibition halls which independently display the evolution of the Saudi Arabian Kingdom and also showcase the history of Islam. Royal Saudi Air Force museum or Saqr Al- Jazeera museum of Aviation has the different weapons on display which were used by the Saudi forces. Riyadh Zoo is an attraction for most kids it has over 1300 animals. Riyadh has more than 4300 small and huge mosques.

King Fahd road is considered the most beautiful street of Riyadh. Most of the corporate offices and high end shopping malls and boutiques are present here. There are a numbers of malls in the city like Granada Center, Al Nakheel Mall, Riyadh Gallery Mall, and Panorama Mall which have international brand outlets along with indoor games and entertainment parks. Tahlia Street has the maximum footfall as it has beautiful cafes and restaurants and coffee shops lining the street. The street is also dotted with lots of shops too.

Riyadh Airport and Hotels
King Khalid International Airport has the biggest land area in the world.  There are a plethora of duty free shops, and shops selling local handicraft and souvenirs. The food court has many international outlets along with traditional cuisine restaurants. To travel to and fro taxis and a few hotel shuttles are available.
Luxury hotels near the airport are Novotel, Makarim Riyadh, and Holiday Inn. The mid-range hotels are Leen Resorts and Laden Chalets.

Built on the banks of River Nile, Cairo has two islands right in the middle of the city. The city encounters severe hot and arid summers and rains in cold rain. Wind storms are a common occurrence in summers.

Cairo is the base for the “Pyramid of Giza” one amongst the Seven Wonders of the World. It is also the oldest and only standing structure from the ancient wonders of the world. The Pyramid complex is the most important site to visit. It houses the Pyramid of Giza, Pyramid of Khafre and Menkaure, and The Great Sphinx.  Mosque of Muhammad Ali is the most visible Mosque in Cairo, which was built in the memory of Tusun pasha, the son of Muhammad Ali.  Al- Azhar Mosque built in 976 is the second oldest known Universities which is still active. Al Azhar Park is a beautifully landscaped park which also has the 12th century Ayubbid Wall, 13th century Khayrbeck complex and Darb Shouglan School, and 13th century Umm Sultan Shaban Mosque.

Cairo has a rich traditional shopping scenario. The famous Khan el Khalili is a traditional bazaar which is built inside a tomb of a caliph, known as Saffron Tomb. A gamut of traditional textiles, jewelry, souvenirs, etc. dots all the shops here. Mall of Arabia and Cairo Festival City Mall house international brands.

Cairo Airport  
Cairo International Airport is 15kms away from the city center. It is reachable via airport shuttle buses and taxis. The airport is still in the development phase thus the facilities are still increasing. It has one duty free shop and a few local shops. The dining area has local cuisine restaurants along with a few international cafes and fast food joints.

If you are planning to stay near the airport then Novotel, Le Meridien, Radisson Blu, and The Westin are some of the good luxury hotels. Golden Park, Le Passage, Cairo Airport Hotel, and The Karvin Hotel are moderately priced hotels near the airport.

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