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Cheap Flights to Batumi


Batumi is a city in Georgia, and is ensconced beautifully on the edge of the Black Sea. It is a major tourist destination, famed for its ever changing weather. The most unique aspect of this destination for tourists is that despite it being a sea side resort town with warm summers, it experiences snow during the winter months. Batumi is also pretty famous for its gambling industry.

The city is a major cultural and economic hub for the country, and is home to industries such as food processing, light manufacturing and the ship building industry.

The major attractions of the city include the Gonio Fortress, Batumi Botanical Gardens, Eruope Square, Dolphinarium, the Batumi Archaeological Museum, the Batumi Bay, Batumi Plaza, Batumi Mosque, Medea Statue, Museum of Adjara, various casinos, Nobel Brothers Batumi Technological Museum and the Memed Abashidze House Museum.

Batumi Airport:

The international airport that serves Batumi is the Alexander Kartveli Batumi International Airport, which operates with BUS as its IATA code and UGSB as its ICAO code. Since the airport is located very close to the Turkish Border, only 20 kms or so, it also serves as an international and domestic airport for some parts of Turkey.

There is only one terminal at the Batumi International Airport, which covers 4,256 square meters of land and serves as the domestic as well as international terminal for passengers. It offers all required passenger amenities, and was especially renovated to offer more shopping area in the year 2007. The airport is capable of handling more than 600000 passengers on an annual basis, although the maximum that it has ever handled is around 134,000 passengers. Mostly seasonal and charter flights to Batumi are available from top spots across the country, although a few regular scheduled flights to Batumi from select destinations are also available easily.

Flights to Batumi:

Several airlines offer cheap and seasonal flights to Batumi, from various destinations across the world such as Dubai, Sharjah, St. Petersburg, Aktau, Beirut, Minsk, Tehran, Moscow, Warsaw-Chopin, Amman, Kiev, Tel Aviv and Dnipro among others. The only regular scheduled flights to Batumi are available from Moscow, Istanbul, Tbilisi and Tel Aviv from airlines such as Georgian Airways, Sun D’Or and Turkish Airlines.

Other airlines offering charter and seasonal flights to Batumi include Yanair, Ural Airlines, Anda Air, Air Arabia, Nordavia, Bravo Airways, Small Planet Airlines, flydubai, SCAT Airlines, Red Wings, Royal Wings, Belavis and so on.

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