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Cheap Flights to Cebu

Cebu City is the second largest city in Philippines and the capital of Cebu province. It is the business center of the country and has one of the fastest growth rates in terms of job creation and city expansion. Cebu is considered as the gateway to paradise because of its closeness to stunning beaches and the neighbouring islands of Camotes, Bantayan, Malapascua and Mactan, all renowned for its secluded white sand beaches and coves of turquoise waters. The beaches of Cebu attract thousands of visitors each year from all over the world to these tropical islands. The city of Cebu is home to many historic sites all dates back to the Spanish colonial era. You can seek solace in these islands, learn its colonial heritage, taste its amazing native cuisine and have quality time in the famous nightclubs in Cebu City.

Cebu City experiences a typical tropical with hot and humid summers and heavy monsoons. Months of March, April and May has very hot and humid climate. The rainy season starts between June and August and receives very heavy rains along with typhoons. The winter season starts from October and continues till February and is the best time to visit the city. It enjoys sunny days, cool nights and it is less humid at this time of the year. The weather is comfortable and is ideal for beach hopping and plenty of other activities.

There are plenty of things to do and see in Cebu City. You must visit the Basilica del Santo Nino and see the stunning Kawasan waterfalls. Get on top of Mount Busay for stunning panoramic views of Cebu City and admire the skyline from Mactan Bridge and Marcelo Fernan Bridge. Visit the islands of Camotes, Bantayan, Malapascua and Mactan and admire its stunning white sand beaches or simply dive underwater to admire its rich coral reefs and precious marine biology.

To reach Cebu, take a flight to Mactan-Cebu International Airport which is located on Mactan Island in Lapu-LapuCity. The Airport caters to international and domestic air flights. Cebu City receives direct flights from Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Qatar and Taiwan. Cebu also receives close to 20 flights a day from the country’s capital Manila. Cebu flights are widely available from several Asian cities. Look out for best airfares and cheap air tickets to Cebu while looking for flights to Cebu online. 

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