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Egypt Visa Requirement

Because a large part of Egypt’s economy is dependent on tourism, the country is quite lenient in its visa policy, especially for tourists. For entry, one needs a passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of issue of visa. There are three types of Egyptian visas namely 

Tourist Visa – Usually valid maximum 3 months and granted on either a single or multiple entry basis
Entry Visa – For non-nationals visiting Egypt for reasons apart from tourism, example work, study etc.
Transit Visa – Needed for those only passing through the country, and not staying there.
Nationals of the following countries can get a visa on arrival for 3 months: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, South Korea, and Guinea among others. While citizens of Kuwait can obtain 6-month Residence Permit upon arrival.

Citizens of Georgia, Norway, Japan, Croatia, Germany, Japan, Macedonia, New Zealand, Serbia, and Ukraine among others can obtain visa upon arrival at any of the Egyptian ports of entry.

Fortunately, visas are sold at a row of bank booths in every arrivals terminal of Cairo International Airport as well as Burg al-Arab Airport in Alexandria. It should cost you no more than 92 UAE Dirhams. The procedure is typically speedy, with minimum questions, but the lines might be long if several flights have arrived at once. 

Currently, passport holders of the following countries are required to have a visa before arriving, which can be applied for through an Egyptian consulate or Egyptian embassy:

Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Morocco, Turkey, Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Israel, Afghanistan, Algeria, Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Kirghizstan, Lebanon, Moldova, Montenegro, Sri Lanka, Palestine, Thailand, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkmenistan,  Uzbekistan, Vietnam and all African countries (except the ones mentioned above). Malaysian citizens intending to stay in Egypt for more than 15 days will also require a visa. 

For further information on Egyptian online visa application form, please contact the nearest Egyptian Embassy, or visit your country’s Embassy of Egypt website.

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Cheap Dubai to Cairo Flights

Travelling across different continents is an intimidating experience, however the journey can be an enjoyable experience if proper guidance and knowledge of that place is known before travelling. Dubai and Cairo are the two most famous and prized tourist destinations in the world. 

About Dubai
Located on the eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, Dubai is an extremely hospitable country filled with rich cultural heritage. The luxurious hotels, picturesque beaches and the va

st deserts of Dubai make this city stand out from the rest. The Emirati people consider hospitality and courtesy as their most prized virtues which can be depicted in their treatment of tourists and guests. In recent years, Dubai has expanded tremendously in terms of its infrastructure and economy. It has shifted its reliance from Oil to other traits such as trade, services and finance sectors.  

About Cairo
Being the largest city of Africa, Cairo is the capital of Egypt. It is located on the eastern shore of the famous Nile River, 500 miles away from the Aswan High Dam. It covers an area of 214 square kilometers with a population of more than 7.7 million. The city shares an exceptional mix of landscape and architecture. The Muqattam Hills, Al Jabal Al Ahmar and the famous Giza pyramids are some of the splendid sights of Cairo. The city shares an incredibly rich cultural heritage dating from the Romans, Turkish and Arab Times. 

About Dubai Airport (Activities, services, shopping in Dubai Airport)
Dubai Airport is the hub for commercial and local flights for UAE and Dubai itself, making it the busiest destinations in the city. It is located in the district of Al-Garhoud and has a business center in it as well. Entrepreneurs and businessmen can utilize this facility to have urgent meetings, and use the facilities of sectorial service, photocopying, internet and many more. 
People with kids can use the kid’s zone facility to spend quality time with their children. Other notable features you can utilize include a prayer room, care center for babies and smoking areas located at various vicinities inside the airport.

About Cairo Airport (Activities, services, shopping in Cairo Airport)
Located at the northeastern part of the city only 15 kilometers from the city’s business hub, Cairo Airport is the busiest Egyptian Airport. More than 65 airlines, 9 cargo and charter airlines are presently operating at the airport. The airport started as a naval base in World War 2 and was taken over by the Civil Aviation Authority after the American forces commanding the airport had left. The airport is continuously growing its passenger and freight capacity over the past decade. 

Modes of Transportation from Cairo Airport
There are different modes of transportation from Cairo Airport which include taking up a cab or a taxi service. However, there are reasonable quality shuttle services that will take you to your desired location and would charge minimal amount of fare as well. Other modes of services include hiring a limousine, taking a bus or simply renting a car as well.

Weather in Dubai
Dubai is placed on the Tropic of Cancer which makes the climate of Dubai really dry. Dubai experiences the temperature of 25 °C during daytime while during evenings, temperature drops to 12°C at coastline and a staggering 5 °C in the deserts. The climate is really dry and hot during the late springs with temperatures staying at 45 °C mostly. Average dampness level near coastlines increases to 90%. Rainfall in Dubai is really scarce and only happens in the winter season. It hardly rains 5—6 days a year in Dubai with a periodic lightning storm as well. 

Weather in Cairo
Cairo has only two seasons, all around the year; 4 months of winter followed by a long 8 month span of summers. In the months of June, July and August, the temperatures can be as high as 35 degrees Celsius on average while the average minimum temperature is 21 degrees Celsius. In winter season, the nights are usually cool and humid while the days are particularly dry. The temperatures in the winter season range from 19 degrees Celsius to 8.5 degrees Celsius. 

Things to do around Dubai Airport
There are numerous treats for adventurers and traditional tourists alike in Dubai. Heavily relying on the tourism industry, Dubai has prepared a high multi-cultural cuisine for the tourists. There are Desert Safari trips that can be arranged at reasonable expenses. Dubai Yacht and Golf Club are yet another beautiful and extravagant tourist attraction. 

Things to do around Cairo Airport
There are a handful of places which you can visit when you land at the Cairo Airport. You can visit the Ancient Mosque and Madrassa of Sultan Hassan to dig deeper into the city roots and heritage. City Star Mall, Oasis Food Court and Festival City Mall are some of the many renowned places near Cairo Airport. There is a great deal of versatility offered by the city in terms of architecture and its rich cultural heritage.  

Hotels near Dubai Airport
Finding the right hotel near Dubai Airport is never an issue as there are multiple options available, however the quality of service highly fluctuates according to your budget. There are hotels with great standards such as Abu Dhabi Gulf Hotel, Fortuner Plaza Hotel and Dubai International Hotel and then there are local hotels with mediocre standards for people with low budgets. 

Hotels near Cairo Airport
When you land into the eccentric city of Cairo, you’ll be needing the perfect place to spend your vacation days. There are a variety of hotels present near the Cairo Airport that differ in terms of their quality of service and charges. Le Meridan Cairo Airport is linked directly to Terminal 3 of the Airport via overhead bridge. The hotel is equipped with a heated outdoor pool along with a fitness center. Le Passage Cairo Hotel and Casino is a 2 minute drive from the Cairo Airport and offers fine dining to its customers. Other notable hotels around the airport include:
Novotel Cairo Airport
The Gabriel Hotel
Fairmont Towers, Haliopolis

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