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Saudi Arabia Visa Requirement

Saudi Arabia’s visa policy is one of the most complicated and restricted travel policies in the world. Hence, it would do good to apply for a Saudi visa well in advance for all tourists who desire to enter the country. All foreigners require valid passports that are valid for at least 6 months, along withadvance visas.Though Saudi Arabia mostly prefers not to grant visas to unaccompanied women, it offerswork permits in a few selected field, especially teachers, maids and nurses. 
Citizens of other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations, i.e. Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman,do not need a visa to enter Saudi Arabia. Also exempted from visa requirements are foreigners transiting through airports for less than eighteen hours, but many other entry requirements, such as the dress code and restrictions on unaccompanied females, still apply. 
Please note that Saudi Arabia does not recognise dual citizenship, so you must avoid carrying two passports at any time.  Visa applications should be addressed to the nearest embassy of Saudi Arabia, or you can apply in your own country. 
There are several kinds of visas available for those wishing to visit Saudi Arabia. Visas are granted to tourists and their family membersas Business Visa, Diplomatic and Official Visa, Family Visit Visa, Government Visit Visa, Residence Visa, Student Visa, Work Visit Visa, and also Hajj Visa and Umrah Visa for Muslim pilgrims. Check the Saudi Arabia government website for detailed information about the same.

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About Airports

Sharjah International Airport

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Jeddah, King Abdulaziz International Airport

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Cheap Dubai to Jeddah Flights

Have you already booked your Sharjah Jeddah Flights? Are you ready with your adventure itinerary? If not yet, below mentioned are a few of the activities to do in Sharjah, discover the best things to do in the city such as visiting Sharjah’s many museums such as the Sharjah Art Museum, Sharjah Natural History Museum, Sharjah Archaeology Museum and Sharjah Maritime Museum and other interesting sites like Sharjah Art Foundation New Art Spaces, Emirates Fine Arts Society and more.

Half day adventure tour of Mleiha desert
Plan a half day safari adventure with a guided tour through the deserts of Mleiha. Travel through Paleolithic Age of the Pre-Islamic Era and learn about its history, discover the local wildlife, drive across the desert on those stunning spectacular dunes, explore the caves, visit the Mleiha Archaeological Centre and much more to enjoy a unique experience of Sharjah.

Learn about flora and fauna & Sharjah’s local history
Visit the city's famous Sharjah Natural History Museum and Desert Park. These attractions have lot of interesting sites within, covering both topics on earth and local history. Learn fascinating facts about flora and fauna of the Arabian Desert at museum which also houses farm animals for petting, geology, flora halls, marine and a diorama showcasing the desert habitats.

Visit the largest fountain at Al Majaz Waterfront
This place is an entertainment spot with Splash Park, mini golf and restaurants. Al Majaz Waterfront is the city's great spot from where you can watch the Sharjah Fountain. The fountain is known to be one of the largest in the Gulf, where it comes alive in the evenings with music and lights. If you prefer to have a quiet time than get yourself a ride in Sharjah’s traditional wooden boat.

Weather in Sharjah
Sharjah has a hot desert climate accompanied with extremely hot summer and warm winters. Rainfall is mostly mild and erratic, and occurs from November to May. About two-thirds of annual rain falls in the months of February and March.

About Sharjah Airport
Sharjah International Airport is spread over an area of 3,800 acres. The airport is a home base of the low-cost carrier Air Arabia. The headquarters of Air Arabia is located in the Sharjah Freight Center which was earlier an old cargo terminal on the property of the airport in Sharjah, UAE. The international airport is also the third largest airfreight cargo hub in the Middle East.

Hotels around Sharjah Airport
There are many hotels around Sharjah Airport, which offer great deals in accommodation. Even if you have to book a room at the last moment on your Sharjah Jeddah Flights, you are sure going to get the best hotel to stay in. 

Below given are the names of the hotels for reference
Spark Residence
Nova Park Hotel
Premier Inn Sharjah King Faisal Street
Marbella Resort
Embassy Suites
Hotel Holiday International Sharjah
Grand Ecelsior Sharjah
Swiss-Belhotel Sharjah

Enjoy your next destination on Sharjah Jeddah Flights, the city of Jeddah is well known for its breathtaking pristine beaches, diverse cultures, traditional souks showcasing the country’s local customs, mouth watering traditional cuisine. Jeddah is a city that never sleeps, and won’t allow visitors to sleep for the variety it offers.
Experience the city’s culture which is filled with events and festivals, famous historical sites and shop at the large upscale commercial shopping centres. Also visit the majestic palaces, luxurious Corniche, archaeological and historical landmarks. 

Visit the open air museum at Jeddah
For generations Historical Jeddah is being considered an open air museum, it contains heritage and history of Jeddah. Because it is located in city centre it comprises plenty historical places such as the Jeddah Wall, historical mosques and markets which are regularly visited by the locals.

A must visit to Khuzam Palace
Today Khuzum Palace is one of the most important and prominent museums in Saudi Arabia, and a landmark reflecting the beautiful work of modern architecture. The palace construction began in 1928 and completed in 1932 was the building to be constructed using iron and cement in Jeddah.

Enjoy your time at Jeddah Corniche
Enjoy the recreational services and beauty of the beach that makes it easier for families and kids to enjoy their time since it is close to the city center. There are other entertainment zones and establishment consisting of luxury hotels like Park Hyatt Jeddah, Jeddah Hilton hotel and Park Hyatt Jeddah, and a marina for yachts.

Shop at the Bedouin Souk
Located in old Jeddah near Makkah Gate, the souk receives many visitors from different social classes, they mostly go to shop or explore the old style of architectural structures. If you would be interested in doing serious shopping than visit the souk, you will be amazed to find exclusive products and goods which are passed down from generation to the other.

Weather in Jeddah
Jeddah has a tropical arid climate, unlike the other cities, it has warm temperature in winter, while the temperatures in summer are extremely hot, humid and quite oppressive. Rainfall in Jeddah is generally very less, occurring in small amounts in the months of November and December. Heavy thunderstorms are very much common in winter. Dust storms generally occur in summer and sometimes in winter, coming from North Africa or Arabian Peninsula's deserts.

About Jeddah Airport
Named after King Abdulaziz Al Saud and inaugurated in 1981, theKing Abdulaziz International Airport is the third largest and busiest airport in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Hajj terminal at the airport is specially built for Islamic pilgrims who visit Mecca, the airport handles around 80,000 passengers at the same time. The international airport also includes a terminal for the royal family, offering faciities to Prince Abdullah Air Base for the Royal Saudi Air Force, and housing for airport staff. 

Hotels around Jeddah Airport
Finding accommodation around the international airport is easy and affordable as most of the hotels are located close to business centre and others facilities. You will find hotels offering different room categories ranging from luxury to mid budget that suits your budget.
Given below are some of the hotels that will suit your requirement
Holiday Inn Jeddah Gateway
Shamaat Jeddah Aparthotel
Elaf Jeddah Hotel
Blue Night Hotel
Movenpick Hotel City Star Jeddah
Jeddah Shadows Hotel Suites

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