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Sharjah International Airport

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Karachi, Jinnah International Airport

Karachi, Pakistan


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Travelling can be truly exciting, especially when one is armed with the right information. The informed traveler is more likely to make the right decisions as compared to the ignorant. Sharjah to Karachi flights would take travelers to two peculiar cities with distinct but related traditions. We will help you with information to make your travel experience between these cities superb.

About Sharjah
Sharjah is a cosmopolitan city on the Persian Gulf. With close to a million inhabi

tants, it is one of the most populous cities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The city shares a lot in common with its neighbour – Dubai, only less liberal in a way. It is a commercial centre abounding in high rise buildings, cultural and historical sites as well as religious structures. 

Deeply rooted in Islamic teaching and lifestyles, drinking of alcoholic beverages is not allowed by persons without an alcohol license. Sale of such beverages is also prohibited except where a license is granted. This makes the city a preferable destination for tourists with strict Islamic leanings. The City has been recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a healthy city because of its use of policy to make positive impact on health.

About Karachi
Karachi is Pakistan’s largest city and doubles as the Country’s financial capital, making it also an international business centre. Karachi has huge commercial potentials as it is strategically located on the coast of the Arabian Sea and houses Pakistan’s largest port. Its mix of diverse nationals makes Karachi a more moderate and modern city, accommodating people of many cultures.

Though culturally diverse in terms of population mix, Karachi is home to exciting cultural festivals like the Hamara Karachi, the Sindh Sea Festival and the All Pakistan Music Festival. The infrastructure quality in the city is advanced and with road, rail and water transport facilities available. One might want to move around by foot; though this is possible, but it is not advisable because pedestrian signage standard is poor and the tendency of being knocked down by a vehicle where a foot path is not available is high.

Modes of Transportation at Karachi Airport
The main international airport in Karachi is known as the Jinnah International airport and is the hub for Pakistan’s national carrier, Pakistan International Airlines. It has three terminals even though the second of the three is devoted to Hajj operations. 

Private taxi services like the white cab or metro cab can be called from the airport. Buses and mini buses are mainly operated from the airport to the city and back. There are the traditional tricycles (rickshaws) within the vicinity of the airport and can come handy for short distance journeys within the city. Even though there is a train station a few kilometres away from the airport, one can only get connections from there to other parts of the country because the rail service within Karachi city had been suspended.

Weather Conditions in Sharjah
Conditions of weather in Sharjah tend more towards heat. Conditions mirror the desert environment where the city is located; so even winter seasons are warm. Summer time is hot and extremely so. Between November and May, there may be bouts of rainfall but the common weather denominator is the heat.

Weather Conditions in Karachi
The weather conditions in Karachi are generally mild. Rainfall is expected during the monsoon months of July to August. While the winter season might present cold but mild temperatures but the summer season which comes between April and October can be very hot. The heat is also largely tempered with cool breeze resulting from the city’s closeness to the sea. It is advisable to visit Karachi during the winter months of November to February because of the friendly weather which favours outdoor events as well.

Hotels Near Sharjah Airport
Located within the Sharjah Airport is the Airport Transit Hotel. Documents like a copy of the resident’s passport and resident’s ticket are required to stay in this hotel. The Sharjah International Airport Hotel is located just next to the airport and boasts of modern facilities for a traveler’s delightful stay. The Crystal Plaza Hotel and Arabella Hotels are also walking distances from the airport and this proximity guarantees travelers some rest of mind from having to miss flights due to inner city traffic logjams. 

Hotels Near Karachi Airport
Hotel facilities are available close to the Jinnah International Airport for the relaxation and comfort of travelers. The Ramada Plaza Hotel is just two minutes drive (less than two kilometres) away from the airport and offers five-star facilities. Good news! The hotel offers free airport shuttle, so you don’t have to bother. The Movenpick Hotel Karachi, Karachi Marriot Hotel and Hotel Days Inn gives one the promise of a cozy experience and close proximity to the city centre.

Things to do inside Sharjah Airport
There is a food court, smoking room, duty free shops and medical facilities at the airport. A kid’s play area is also available. A mosque to fulfill religious obligations is there. Special facilities, VIP and first class lounges can be patronised by the high end travelers. Where needed, bank services can be accessed at the airport.

Things to do inside Karachi Airport
An international airport of repute, the Karachi airport offers travelers amazing facilities to keep them busy while waiting for flights. There are restaurants to enjoy tasty meals, a shopping arcade, prayer rooms and even bank services. Special rooms are also available for the elderly. The airport’s CIP lounge caters for business and first class travelers at no extra cost to their pockets. It offers wider space that enhances maximum relaxation, opportunity to watch international TV channels and to have free snacks and drinks.  

Travelers can always look forward to Sharjah to Karachi flights especially when armed with the right information about the journey. The two cities have great historical roots and can offer opportunities for business and leisure travelers all year round.

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