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Cheap Dubai to Karachi Flights

Dubai to Karachi flights can be boring for those who don't know how to make things interesting. If you have an idea about, what you can do while traveling you can enjoy yourself. This article will help you for a better understanding.

About Dubai

 Among all the other big cities in the Middle East, Dubai is the most popular tourist destination. People from foreign countries, especially from Asian countries, visit Dubai very often, mostly for shopping and vacation trips. Dubai’s fascinating views and attractive shopping complexes are very well known around the world. The skyscrapers in Dubai, such as Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper in the world, are also main attractions of tourists.

In Dubai, you will hardly find Arabians, as the community is created mostly with people from Asian countries, mostly from India and Bangladesh. Dubai’s job market is also very large that many people from foreign countries often come to Dubai for work.

About Karachi

Karachi is the largest city in Pakistan. Due to the beauty of the city in the night, it is also known as ‘City of Lights.' The main Seaport of Pakistan is located in Karachi. All of the economic activities of Pakistan are handled from Karachi. Before Istanbul was announced the capital of the country, Karachi hold that title. There are many places to visit in Karachi. But as a traveler, I would rather roam around the city in the night time. Karachi is reborn in every night with its all beauty.

About Dubai Airport

It is the world’s busiest airport. Dubai Airports Company takes care of all the operation of the airport. There are many shops, and eating outlets in Dubai Airport. Dubai Duty-Free is also among the places you have to visit. In addition to all these stores and restaurants, the airport has two open air gardens where you can get refreshed after a long, annoying flight.

In the terminal one, there is a nice place to rest. They call it Snoozecube. Snoozecube has a nice, comfortable bed with a TV, Wi-Fi, music and room to store your luggage. You will not get disturbed by any noise, as they are sound-proofed.

About Karachi Airport

In Karachi Airport you can feel more comfortable in an airport lounge. Even if you are an economy class passenger, you can purchase a lounge pass to access these lounges. In the CIP Lounge, you can have a shower, if you are that much tired, and need refreshment. As usual, there are many places to have food in the airport. In addition to those usual stuffs, there is also a prayer room which is open all the day.

Modes of Transport from Karachi Airport

You have multiple choices when it comes to transportation. You can use Bus, Train, Car or Boat.

By Bus

The main service provider for traveling by buses is Daewoo Sammi. They have buses covering every destination in the country. You can simply call them and book your ticket.

By Train

Train is one of the best transportation methods. Karachi railway is connected with the country’s major cities such as Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, and Peshawar. You can book train tickets via Pakistan Railway website. And also you can check your seat from a Pakistan Railway office. There is a ticket office in level one of the airport.

By Car

You can travel to many places by car. Not just to the cities of Pakistan, but also to other neighbor countries such as India, China, Afghanistan, and Iran. The National Highway connects Karachi with other cities in the country and the neighbor countries including China, India, and Afghanistan. If you want to go to Iran or Turkey, you have to use RCD highway.

By Boat

You cannot arrive Karachi via boat as a foreign visitor. But you can arrange your own trips with the captain of the vessel when it is available. Once there was a cruise service from Karachi to Dubai, which is unavailable now.

Weather in Dubai

Almost in every time of the year, Dubai is very hot and humid. The humidity and the temperature gets down in night time, but someone would not be able to handle it during the day time. The rain can rarely be seen in Dubai.

Weather in Karachi

Karachi also have very hot seasons and in the winter the climate is very friendly. Unlike Dubai, Karachi has a considerable rainfall. Even in the hot seasons, the cold sea breeze will keep you more comfort.

Things to do around Dubai Airport

You can have a helicopter trip around the Dubai city, with a great hawk eye view of the city. Heli tours are available at HeliDubai.

If you want to explore the deserts, there are travel services which takes you to eye-catching places in the desert.

If you are feeling tired, you can use Emirates First Class Lounge, to get a perfect rest. It is ideal place to have refreshment.

There are plenty of shopping malls closer to the airport. You can have a free roam in those shopping malls and buy interesting things.

Things to do around Karachi Airport

PAF museum is very close to Karachi International Airport. You can spend some time there learning about the evolution of Pakistani air force. There are many things to see in the museum.

Karachi Zoo is also not very far from the airport. You can reach there with a 30 minutes’ drive.

Aladin Amusement Park is also a favorite place of every visitor. People of all ages can enjoy in the park. For your kids, there are many things to do.

Hotels near Dubai Airport

There are many hotels around Dubai Airport. If you are looking for luxury, there are several 5-star hotels around the airport. They are listed below.

  • Park Hyatt
  • Armani Hotel
  • Millennium Airport Hotel
  • Al Bustan Rotana
  • Dubai International Hotel

and many more.

If you can’t afford higher rates, you can choose hotels with low facilities.

Hotels near Karachi Airport

There are many hotels near Karachi Airport. I will list some of them below.

  • Movenpick Hotel
  • Ramada Plaza
  • Airport Hotel
  • Days Inn
I think, you now have some valuable information which would help you on your Dubai to Karachi flights. I hope that this article was able to answer your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions For Dubai To Karachi

  • In which countries are Dubai and Karachi located?
  • Dubai is a major city in United Arab Emirates and Karachi is a major city in Pakistan.
  • Which is the primary airport in Dubai?
  • The primary airport in Dubai is Dubai International Airport. The airport codes is DXB.
  • Which is the primary airport in Karachi?
  • The primary airport in Karachi is Karachi Pakistan KHI Jinnah Intl. The airport codes is KHI.
  • What is the average cost of a flight ticket from Dubai to Karachi?
  • The average fare from Dubai to Karachi is 477.1 AED
  • What are the major stopover airports on this route?
  • The major stopover airports on this route is Doha-DOH , Manama-BAH , Sharjah-SHJ , Abu Dhabi-AUH , Muscat-MCT
  • What are the major airlines that fly between these routes?
  • The major airlines that fly between these destinations are Emirates-EK , Flydubai-FZ , Shaheen Air-NL , Airblue-PA , Qatar Airways-QR , British Airways-BA , Gulf Air-GF , Air Arabia-G9 , Etihad Airways-EY , Pakistan Intl-PK , V Australia-VA , NAS Air-XY , American Airlines-AA , airberlin-AB , Alitalia-AZ , KLM-KL , Kenya Airways-KQ , South African-SA , Oman Air-WY.
  • What are the aircrafts that are used on this route?
  • Commonly, the aircrafts used on this route are Boeing-77W, Boeing-73H, Airbus-32S, Airbus-320, Airbus-332, Airbus-321, Boeing-73M, Boeing-737
  • What is the currency of Dubai?
  • The currency of Dubai is AED.
  • What is the currency of Karachi?
  • The currency of Karachi is PKR.
  • What is the time taken to fly between the two cities?
  • The time taken to fly between Dubai to Karachi is 1 hours 55 mins. However, this time is an estimate and is bound to change, depending on the stopover and flight route.
  • What is the distance between the two cities?
  • The distance between the two cities is 1189.48 km.
  • What is the time zone of Dubai?
  • The time zone followed by Dubai is Asia/Dubai which is 4 hours and 0 mins ahead the GMT.
  • What is the time zone of Karachi?
  • The time zone followed by Karachi is Asia/Karachi which is 5 hours and 0 mins ahead the GMT.

Aircraft: Boeing 747, Airbus A320
Departure Airport:Dubai International Airport
Arrival Airport:Jinnah International Airport
Area Served:Karachi, Dubai

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