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Cheap Sharjah to Chandigarh Flights

You will find almost every industry booming across this capitalist-dominated world -- and tourism is no exception. Not too long ago, bilateral relations between India and UAE were historically low-key and circumscribed to a bare diplomatic minimum. However, over the years, both have joined hands to bolster their ties in various economic and social spheres. Consequently, the frequency of flights from Sharjah to Chandigarh and vice versa have enormously increased.  This lucrative route is very much significant, as it connects well-planned Sharjah to the modernized face of North India: Chandigarh. 

About Chandigarh: 

Touted as the "City Beautiful", it has been a symbol of immense pride for India because the latter mostly houses cities with outmoded infrastructure and worn-out architecture. However, Chandigarh breaks all of these shackles. It has struggled to paint its image as one of the most beautiful cities in the world in one the oldest countries. It is magnificently planned, grounded on well-built infrastructure and a modernized city in India. As a result, it is considered as a clean, smoke-free city. It is a unique prototype which has all characteristics of a city, namely bustling traffic, skyscrapers, and modern commutation etc. Alongside aesthetic verdures that inspires pervasive serenity in the entire city's landscape. Moreover, the city is a nucleus of business activity.

 As per the conclusions of an independent survey, the city tops the list of Indian States and Union Territoriesin per capita income – making it one of the most prosperous city of India. Peerless as the city is, it even defies the long-standing, insidious concepts of commercialism and expansionism that virtually destroy the environment. Such is the earnestness with which administrators of the city are concerned with its serene greenery that they have devised policies which ensure every construction program is accompanied with a plantation of plants to ensure nature preservation of the city. As a joint capital of two northern states of Punjab and Haryana, it has stupendous politico-administrative significance attached to it. In 2015, BBC named Chandigarh as one of the perfect cities of the world in terms of architecture, cultural development.  

About Sharjah: 

Sharjah, a bustling and thriving city somewhat short of the glamour of its neighbor, Dubai, is located at a convenient distance from it, within the United Arab Emirates. Owing to the availability of cheaper accommodation facilities in this city, much of the population is comprised of travelers, workers and students, all of whom either intend to or are required to commute to Dubai on a regular basis. Its significance has diminished tremendously over the years due to the ever increasing popularity of the highly modernized region of Dubai. However, according to UNESCO, Sharjah still retains its status as the cultural capital of the Arab World. 

Chandigarh Weather: 

Chandigarh has one of the most unpredictable, mercurial climate with weather ranging from scorching heat to cold thundershowers. It has a humid climate. In winters, temperatures as low as –1 degree Celsius has been recorded. Conversely, in summers, the mercury could surge up to 46 degree Celsius. That said, climate there offers to tourist 4 different seasons – each having its own charisma. 


Weather in Sharjah: 

The climate of the Sharjah region is predominantly tropical desert, with overwhelmingly high percentages of humidity and frequently occurring sandstorms. Chances of rain are comparatively greater than those of its neighboring regions, from December to March. 

Hotels near Chandigarh Airport:  

As a tourism and economic hub of North India, the city has many luxurious hotels to proffer.  The most proximate hotels to the airport is the Hotel Orbit. It is located at the minimum distance of 2.1 km from airport. So it offers great facilities to the passenger who has an early morning flight to catch the very next day. Most of the reviewers recommend this hotel if the tourist is intending a short stay in Chandigarh.  

Hotel Dove is another in a long list of hotels Chandigarh houses. It is located within 2.3 km radius of the airport, thus extremely close to the airport. The hotel is more luxurious than Orbit, but a little expensive. However, most of the reviewers had a positive feedback for this hotel. 

The Pearl Hotel is another hotel with 'decent prices and considerable amenities'. It is located in industrial area close to hotel Orbit. Proximity to the airport, coupled with economic rates and luxurious rooms makes it one of the best options for transit passengers. 


Hotels near Sharjah Airport:  

For a fugacious stay in Sharjah, especially during layovers, when some of the interdependent, overlapping flight schedules compel you to wait for straight hours, there are a host of hotels in close vicinity of the airport. Some of them are even within airport themselves. 

Airport transit hotel, as the name suggests itself, is built for transit passengers. It is not riddled with amenities and luxuries, however, if you intend to spend a night or just lay for some hours to pass the time until your next flight's time approaches, it could be the best option for you. 

Sharjah International Airport is just at a stone's throw from the airport. For passengers who have a short stay and a penchant for exploration, it could be the right choice since it is located close to the Sharjah City center, which is the epicenter of Sharjah. It is a 2-star hotel and is inclusive of all basic amenities running the gamut from Wi-Fi internet service of reasonable communication services. 

Things to do inside the Chandigarh Airport: 

It is a commonplace these days for flights to get late or even arrive earlier than scheduled times – and Sharjah to Chandigarh flights are no exception. In case, you have arrived early and the cab you had chartered hasn’t arrived yet, you need not to worry since airport proffers  passenger a number of lounges and sleeping pods to rest on. For passengers having to wait in the airport, there are a number of lounges, bars, duty free shops. Moreover, free Wi-Fi is available for all the passengers inside. It is, however, worth mentioning here that Chandigarh airport is still a fledgling airport and just recently got its status upgraded to the International Airport from domestic airport. Having said that, the perks and amenities available inside do not reach the level of Sharjah Airport. 

 Things to do inside Sharjah Airport: 

The Sharjah International Airport is situated at a distance of 15 km from Dubai and is spread over an area of 3800 acres. It is the third largest Middle East air freight hub and has one asphalt surface runway.  
A small variety stores are found within the airport along with a vast array of eateries. The First and Business Class Lounge is the most comfortable area to wait in, with a satisfactory range of amenities, inclusive of showers, refreshments and free internet facility. 

Frequently Asked Questions For Sharjah To Chandigarh

  • In which countries are Sharjah and Chandigarh located?
  • Sharjah is a major city in United Arab Emirates and Chandigarh is a major city in India.
  • Which is the primary airport in Sharjah?
  • The primary airport in Sharjah is Sharjah United Arab Emirates SHJ Sharjah Intl. The airport codes is SHJ.
  • Which is the primary airport in Chandigarh?
  • The primary airport in Chandigarh is Chandigarh Airport. The airport codes is IXC.
  • What is the average cost of a flight ticket from Sharjah to Chandigarh?
  • The average fare from Sharjah to Chandigarh is 880.8 AED
  • What are the major stopover airports on this route?
  • The major stopover airports on this route is Delhi-DEL , Mumbai-BOM , Doha-DOH , Ahmedabad-AMD , Bengaluru-BLR , Jaipur-JAI , Hyderabad-HYD , Goa-GOI , Dubai-DXB , Muscat-MCT , Srinagar-SXR
  • What are the major airlines that fly between these routes?
  • The major airlines that fly between these destinations are Air Arabia-G9 , SpiceJet-SG , Air India-AI , IndiGo-6E , Jet Airways-9W , Jet Lite-S2 , Go Air-G8 , Qatar Airways-QR , Air Mali-I5 , Air France-AF , Etihad Airways-EY , Air Canada-AC , Air Seychelles-HM , ANA-NH , Virgin Atlantic-VS , Flydubai-FZ , Emirates-EK , Oman Air-WY , Malaysia-MH.
  • What are the aircrafts that are used on this route?
  • Commonly, the aircrafts used on this route are Airbus-320, De Havilland Canada-DH8, Airbus-321, Boeing-73H, ATR-AT7, Boeing-788, Boeing-738, Boeing-73W, Boeing-773, Boeing-77W, Boeing-772, Boeing-737, Boeing-73M, Airbus-332
  • What is the currency of Sharjah?
  • The currency of Sharjah is AED.
  • What is the currency of Chandigarh?
  • The currency of Chandigarh is INR.
  • What is the time taken to fly between the two cities?
  • The time taken to fly between Sharjah to Chandigarh is 8 hours 25 mins. However, this time is an estimate and is bound to change, depending on the stopover and flight route.
  • What is the distance between the two cities?
  • The distance between the two cities is 2168.54 km.
  • What is the time zone of Sharjah?
  • The time zone followed by Sharjah is Asia/Dubai which is 4 hours and 0 mins ahead the GMT.
  • What is the time zone of Chandigarh?
  • The time zone followed by Chandigarh is Asia/Kolkata which is 5 hours and 30 mins ahead the GMT.

Aircraft: Boeing 747, Airbus A320
Departure Airport:Sharjah International Airport
Arrival Airport:Chandigarh Airport
Area Served:Chandigarh, Sharjah

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