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Cheap Sharjah to Islamabad Flights

Sharjah is the third largest state of UAE (United Arab Emirates) and also third populated with above 800000 people. This state is like other places of UAE, means desert area. Though it is beautiful but its weather is hot. This state is rich with its beauty and well decorated sights for tourists. While traveling Sharjah people must visit "Kalba" the most southern village. This Kalba is a charming place for all tourists. Near it there is a museum Al-Hisn Museum which is built as afort and its 200 years old. There is a mangrove forest near of it. This place is a paradise for bird lovers. This Kalba is very much peaceful and spectacular place.

There are lots of museum likes, Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilisation, Sharjah Maritime Museum etc. The largest art museum of UAE is located here called Sharjah Arts Museum. There are 72 galleries sprear over three floors. It’s a rich museum of UAE. "Al Qasba" is another must visit place. This is a home of plenty entertainment options. But its famous feature is the big wheel which is known as Eye of Emirates. This state is about 1000sq miles and located bay of Persian gulf and lots of resorts are there to visit.

Islamabad: This is the capital of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It is populated over 2 millions and 350 sq miles as city area. No doubt this city is beautiful but its weather is not tourist friendly. There are several mosques and hills to visit. Two most popular hills are Margalla Hills and Shakarparian Hills.Faisal mosque is the most beautiful mosque in the world located in this city. Its lighting at the evening looks gorgeous and this is a modern beautiful mosque in the world.

And also there is Lake view park, Daman-e-koh, Rawal Lake, Pharwala Fort and many more places to visit for tourists. The Rawal Lake is one of the pleasant lakes in the world. 
There are lot of hotels and resorts to stay both the cities. At Sharjah, Hotel "Hilton Sharjah" overlooks Khaled Lagoon, Ramada Sharjah near lagoon. Coral Beach Resort, Time Ruby Hotel, Spark Residence, Summer Land Motel are some low budget hotels.At Islamabad, Islamabad Serena House, Islamabad Marriott Hotel, New Cape Grace Guest house, Nexus Grace, Hotel De Palazzo, Best Western Islamabad Hotel are some hotels to stay in Islamabad.

Cheap Flight Offers for Sharjah to Islamabad 

There are There are lots of ways to travel for both the cities, like Bus, Rented Cars, Taxi etc, But for tourists tourist bus will be preferred for Sharjah but for Islamabad Rented cars will be preferred. While traveling both cities are not safe equally.Flying from Sharjah to Islamabad there are many airlines, but most popular and trusted are 1. Airarabia 2. Airblue 3. Qatar Airways 4. Shaheen Air etc. While traveling Sharjah to Islamabad flights are not much expensive. But getting is not very much easy for everyone. Business visa is tough to get, some recommendation needed for it. When a tourist think to make a Sharjah to Islamabad flights its little bit easy to get visa for them.

Both the states are well disciplined and so on there airports. All people who will travel this places will get help from both airport authority. And some people likes to live near airport, for them some name of hotels mentioned earlier. People of both states are very hospitable. It will be a happy journey for everybody and a good experience.

Frequently Asked Questions For Sharjah To Islamabad

  • In which countries are Sharjah and Islamabad located?
  • Sharjah is a major city in United Arab Emirates and Islamabad is a major city in Pakistan.
  • Which is the primary airport in Sharjah?
  • The primary airport in Sharjah is Sharjah United Arab Emirates SHJ Sharjah Intl. The airport codes is SHJ.
  • Which is the primary airport in Islamabad?
  • The primary airport in Islamabad is Islamabad Pakistan ISB Benazir Bhutto Intl. The airport codes is ISB.
  • What is the average cost of a flight ticket from Sharjah to Islamabad?
  • The average fare from Sharjah to Islamabad is 954.2 AED
  • What are the major stopover airports on this route?
  • The major stopover airports on this route is Doha-DOH , Dubai-DXB , Peshawar-PEW , Lahore-LHE , Manama-BAH , Karachi-KHI , Kuwait-KWI , Muscat-MCT , Ras al Khaimah-RKT , Sialkot-SKT , Abu Dhabi-AUH
  • What are the major airlines that fly between these routes?
  • The major airlines that fly between these destinations are Airblue-PA , Qatar Airways-QR , British Airways-BA , Shaheen Air-NL , Emirates-EK , Pakistan Intl-PK , Gulf Air-GF , Kuwait Airways-KU , Qantas Airways-QF , Oman Air-WY , Sri Lankan-UL , Air Arabia-G9 , Etihad Airways-EY , V Australia-VA , NAS Air-XY , American Airlines-AA , airberlin-AB , KLM-KL , Alitalia-AZ , Jat Airways-JU , Kenya Airways-KQ , South African-SA.
  • What are the aircrafts that are used on this route?
  • Commonly, the aircrafts used on this route are Airbus-320, Airbus-332, Airbus-32S, Boeing-77W, Airbus-310, ATR-ATR, Boeing-772, Boeing-73M, Boeing-734, Airbus-321, Boeing-777
  • What is the currency of Sharjah?
  • The currency of Sharjah is AED.
  • What is the currency of Islamabad?
  • The currency of Islamabad is PKR.
  • What is the time taken to fly between the two cities?
  • The time taken to fly between Sharjah to Islamabad is 3 hours 0 mins. However, this time is an estimate and is bound to change, depending on the stopover and flight route.
  • What is the distance between the two cities?
  • The distance between the two cities is 1931.79 km.
  • What is the time zone of Sharjah?
  • The time zone followed by Sharjah is Asia/Dubai which is 4 hours and 0 mins ahead the GMT.
  • What is the time zone of Islamabad?
  • The time zone followed by Islamabad is Asia/Karachi which is 5 hours and 0 mins ahead the GMT.

Aircraft: Boeing 747, Airbus A320
Departure Airport:Sharjah International Airport
Arrival Airport:Benazir Bhutto International Airport
Area Served:Islamabad, Sharjah

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