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Average of 4.0 /5 based on 18 reviews

by Sebastian Cox

This used to be a small fishing village or so, but look at it now. Superb trip arranged by HolidayMe, and it was very cheap too and included the flights as well so it was a win win situation for us. Had a great time, and enjoyed to the hilt. Burj Al Arab was so amazing although we didn’t go to the top…

Reviewed On : 10 May`16

by Hasan Ali

What an amazing trip to Dubai I had. We went with a couple of friends and had a ball there. We also went skydiving, and went to the top of Burj Dubai and it was a tremendous experience, thanks to HolidayMe.

Reviewed On : 22 Jun`16

by Pinki Malhotra

We loved every minute of the time we spent in Dubai. What an exhilarating place, and so much to do. We wanted to go skydiving, but sadly our package from HolidayMe did not cover it, and it was very expensive for us, and we had not planned for it so didn’t have the extra money. But the trip itself was an amazing one, and the food has to be mentioned thousands of times because it was just so amazing. All the kebabs and the biryanis were out of this world. the hotel was also good, although it did get a little loud in the nightclub.

Reviewed On : 10 Jun`16

by Amit Hasija

Finallyyyyyyy… I am in Dubai with my wife for our honeymoon, and it is the most bestest experiencei have ever had. Very awesome hotel, with a private pool and it was very expensive, but hOlidayme package was worth the effort, and it was enjoyable for us as a couple. Many things to do in Dubai, and truck loads of shopping to do and great tasty food to have throughout the day. Amazing malls and huge, and I mean HUGE, buildings that I cant even see the top of. Good times for sure, and I would love to come back again with my family during the shopping festival.

Reviewed On : 08 May`16

by Alissa Valiante

I want to come back again and again simply because I cudnt shop to my heart’s content. We did a Mauritius and dubai trip, and ended up staying at dubai for only 3 days. It was not enuf, so holidayMe cud have planned a better trip. rest of it all was quite fine although, and we enjoyed a lot in both places.

Reviewed On : 01 Jun`16

by Jayati Sen

Went to Dubai this year for a week this year, and it was an amazing vacation with the family. HolidayMe suggested the place, and planned the trip in its entirety. Good comfortable trip and the hotel was also very good.

Reviewed On : 02 May`16

by Qaadir Ali

HolidayMe was right in telling us that dubai can be the best destination to spend our honeymoon at. We enjoyed a lot and we shopped a lot. The hotel was amazing, we even had a private Jacuzzi so it was very modern. It seemed like we were kings staying at a palace, because there was also a private butler with us during the evenings. The price was obviously very high for the pkcage, but then again if you don’t spend on your honeymoon then when do you spend it. so we spent a lot and enjoyed a lot. Very good work.

Reviewed On : 13 Apr`17

by Gauhar Qureshi

What can I tell you about Dubai that you don’t alreqady know? It is a dream like palce, all architectural marvels. Very concrete and very less greenery and all, unless you count the man made islands, but this was a super awesome trip. loved every bit of it, except the hotel where we didn’t get good service at the first.

Reviewed On : 07 Jun`16


As-salām 'alaykum (Hello in Arabic)

One of the fastest growing cities on the planet, Dubai is a modern, tourist-friendly city in the Middle East. A shining jewel among the seven emirates of UAE, Dubai is the tourism, trade and logistics hub of the Middle East and has been aptly nicknamed the 'Gateway between the East and West'. There are several attractions in Dubai which make it a famous and popular travel destination around the world. This desert city fascinates people from all over the world with its luxurious hotels, artificial islands, lavish lifestyle, exciting nightlife and its raw desert landscape. The palm-shaped artificial islands - Palm Jumeirah, the sky-piercing Burj Khalifah – the tallest man-made structure among others attract hordes of tourists every year to this spectacular city.

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