Egypt Holiday Packages

4 Star Stay in Cairo Ex - Dubai

3 Nights

Starting From

USD 649
  • Flight
  • Hotel
  • Activities
  • Transfers
  • 03 nights’ accommodation in Cairo based on BB
  • Return flights from Dubai airport
  • Meet & assist at Cairo Airport
  • Private half day guided tour to the Pyramids & Sphinx area with entrance fees
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Egypt By Train and Cruise Ex - Dubai

7 Nights

Starting From

USD 1,009
  • Flight
  • Hotel
  • Activities
  • Transfers
  • Return flights from Dubai Airport
  • Meet & assist at Cairo Airport
  • All transfer from / to airports in a/c vehicles
  • Private Half day guided tour to the pyramids and Sphinx area with entrance fee
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Average of 4.0 /5 based on 44 reviews

by Nikhat Hussain

Egypt was even better than expected. So much history, so much ancient history actually to see and experience. I nearly lost myself in the awesomeness of the place. HolidayMe gave us a good package, well planned and well executed. Although it was really quite expensive, it did cost me an arm and a leg, but it was so worth it. that’s one thing I like about this company, they manage to plan the perfect vacation or you, and they also let you customize the trip if you have something better in mind. Cairo was my favorite, since the hotel was really great.

Reviewed On : 18 May`16

by Jewel Rudd

Egypt is like a scene out of a movie… amazing feeling on being here, people are very courteous and always smiling… enjoyed a lot in the Cairo hotel, which was the best of the lot, since the other hotels suggested by HolidayMe turned out to be not that great, in terms of food and hospitality. But overall the trip was amazing.

Reviewed On : 15 Apr`16

by Kayli Traynor

HolidayMe put together a commendable package for us to Egypt. They did all the planning, booked all the hotels, and even helped with the visa which for some reason was a little complicated to get. The hotel we were booked into was a grand one, and we found the city amazing like something out of a fairytale or a mummy movie.

Reviewed On : 22 Apr`16

by Hafza Ghannam

This was my first time buying a package from Holiday me, and I was a little apprehensive but they proved that there wasn’t anything to worry about, El Gouna was great as usual and I loved how the place had changed so much but still remained a lot same. Rest of the tour was just as great, with good hotels.

Reviewed On : 17 May`17

by Ann McDonald

Having a great time in Cairo with friends, after a long, long time. been ages since we did something so spontaneous. Thanks to HolidayMe we got a last minute cheap package to come to Egypt. Good smart decision for sure.

Reviewed On : 10 May`16

by Beverley Fansa

Back in Egypt after a long time, and Cairo is just as ful of life as I had left it. HolidayMe gave me a good package, and I must say I was impressed by how quick they are on the uptake. The package was a bit on the pricier side, but still worth it coz the flight tickets were included and so were the hotels.

Reviewed On : 11 Jun`16

by Tanya Gupta

Egypt is amazing… I had asked HolidayMe for help with a vacation in some exotic place, and they suggested Egypt. We just landed in Cairo, and it is one of the best places I have ever been to. The hotel is also great, but the ambience of the city is just mesmerizing. I cant wait to start exploring all the amazing places.

Reviewed On : 08 May`16

by Mohammed Arbi

The best thing about HolidayMe is that they plan their itineraries very well. Well balanced days have been planned so I am exxcicted to see it all unfold. Sharm El Sheikh is going to be great I am sure of that.

Reviewed On : 02 Jun`16


As history lessons have enlightened us, nothing matches the aura of the mesmerising world of ancient Egypt. The land of Pharaohs, pyramids and sand-covered tombs, Egypt has left every traveller spell-bound. A transcontinental country, it is spread across large swathes of north Africa and southwest Asia. One of the most prosperous countries in the Middle East, Egypt is also the third largest African country. 

Egypt modern achievements are still dwarfed by the grandeur of its exemplary past. Egypt’s history is among the longest and most intriguing ones. The first traces of Egyptian culture go way back to humans scavenging for food through hunting and fishing. It is was probably due to hostile climate alterations that people shifted down to the banks of the Nile. This is when the first foundation of a new civilization was set up. 
The Sahara desert constitutes most of the Egyptian territory while Cairo, Alexandria and other cities house majority of the 86 million population of Egypt. Agriculture, industries and tourism (totally) are its prime economic pillars, at present.   
It rains during the winter, and summers are hot and scorching. About 90% of Egypt’s population is predominantly Muslim, while the Coptic Christians make up 9% of the population.     
Modern Standard Arabic is the official language of Egypt. Egyptian Arabic is spoken by over 68% of the population. About 29% of the population speak in Sa’idi Arabic. The other spoken languages are Beja, Siwi, Nobiin, Domari, Sudanese Arabic and Eastern Egyptian Bedawi Arabic. The Egyptian cuisine features a mixture of vegetarian fare. Seafood, especially fish items can be found on the menu in cities while meat is very expensive and thus, a rarity.

A holiday to Egypt with HolidayMe typically ranges from to