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Average of 4.2 /5 based on 192 reviews

by Sylvia Forsyth

Well, it started out with a bad omen, the cab didn’t turn up at Vienna airport to pick us up. We had to get a taxi ourselves, no1 had heard of the hotel, and it took two hours to reach. Our room wasn’t ready even though we reached late. lunch was over so kitchen was closed. Very bad experience, HolidayMe shud remove this hotel form their lsit.

Reviewed On : 21 Jun`16

by Alistair Cooke

Vienna is amazing,, stunning buildings and so many gorgeous heirlooms of the past. I just did not feel like leaving at all. I am glad HolidayMe advised me on Vienna being a major tourist attraction of Europe. We also got a good cheap package, and some discounts so it was not a major hole burnt in the pocket. What they say about Vienna is true, it really is a little slice of heaven. So much history crammed into a single place. The hotel was also a nice one, and the staff was pretty friendly. They explained a lot about the tourist attractions here.

Reviewed On : 21 Jun`16

by Zayed Akhtar

I loved how Vienna sort of just embraces you, and the people are so sweet and helpful. I dropped my camera while on an uphill climb, and some kid came running to give it to me. So relieved, it had all my pcitures of my Europe tour. The hotel advised by HolidayMe could have been better, but to be honest for the price I was paying it was a pretty good deal. I enjoyed the historic attractions of Vienna, and the small restaurants that offer delish snacks. Food is expensive though, but what can you do. You gotta eat, right?

Reviewed On : 21 Jun`16

by Sneha Chandran

Having nice time enjoying in Vienna with my hubby. Very nice happy place, and many statues on the streets. Huge statues and many museums. Vienna is beautiful, and now I am visitng to Paris next day. HolidayMe gave us good discount for romantic trip of Europe, so thank you. Food is not very good, but I like the nightclubs and bars here.

Reviewed On : 21 Jun`16

by Anjuman Ahmed

Vienna has been nothing short of amazing. And very safe. Being a single traveler, I was skeptical but HolidayMe assured me that Vienna is very safe, and very very beautiful. They were right. I loved the hotel too, staff was so friendly. The muesuems, and the decorative buildings took my breath away. Clicked some lovely pics. I would love to come back.

Reviewed On : 21 Jun`16

by Kristine Bacall

Enjoying with the family in Vienna. Came over 3 days earlier, and still don’t wanna leave tomorrow. This has been the best trip of our lives, thanks to HolidayMe. Wish we had a little bit more of discounts from them though.

Reviewed On : 21 Jun`16

by Ben Ackles

Amazing Vienna, I will be coming back for sure. With HolidayMe’s expertly planned itinerary, we managed to cover this beautiful place within 2 days. I wish we had more time to spend at the museums. Never mind, I will be back next year.

Reviewed On : 21 Jun`16

by Svetlana Onsen

Vienna is gorgeous, but the hotel was so shabby that I didn’t even wanna set foot in the corridors. The rooms were filthy, and the food was gross. When asked to see the manager, he was unavailable for three whole days. Tht was the only sore point in my otherwise lovely trip.

Reviewed On : 21 Jun`16


The world’s second-smallest continent by area, Europe is spread over an area of around 10, 180,000 kilometres, taking up almost 6,8% of Earth’s land mass. Essentially the vast, westernmost peninsula of Eurasia, Europe is separated from the continent of Asia by the Ural Mountains towards the east, and the Caucasus Mountains and the Caspian and Black Seas towards southeast. Other maritime borders include the Atlantic Ocean on the west, Arctic Ocean on the north, and the Mediterranean Sea on the south.

The major regions of Europe include the Baltic states, Central Europe, Benelux, Britain and Ireland, Iberian Peninsula, the Nordic countries, France, Monaco, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Greece, Cyprus Turkey, Italy and the Balkans (most of Eastern Europe). Some of Europe’s top cities include London, Paris, Moscow, Istanbul, Berlin, Rome, Prague, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Athens.

Europe has always played a dominant role in world history. Apart from being known as the birthplace of democracy and Western culture, the Renaissance movement of Europe that spanned between the 14th and 17th centuries led to immense development in culture, law, arts, science, social studies, and philosophy. The Industrial Revolution around the 18th century further led to significant social, economic and cultural changes throughout Western Europe.

While the general climate in Europe is temperate, the weather varies from subtropical, Mediterranean, subarctic to extremely cold, according to the region.

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