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Average of 4.5 /5 based on 16 reviews

by Jonah Sykes

I have always wanted to be in Athens since I read books about it. finally here thanks to holidayMe and their cheap package. Good hotels, good cabs for sightseeing, and a beautiful country, what else do you need from life?

Reviewed On : 12 Jun`16

by Bertha Jerkins

Good trip to Greece planned by HolidayMe. We enjoyed a lot. Only problem was the hotel in Athens. It was not tht great. We got a non smoking room, althgouh we had requested a smoking one. Very problematic. We had to go down to the lobby every time. Even then, it was satisfactory because we managed to get a very cheap package from the company.

Reviewed On : 13 Jun`16

by Seema Singh

Wow, what a place. I knew this trip with HolidayMe to Greece would be amazing, but this was just so out of this world. well planned and well timed, since this was an off season for Greece tourism so we got most of the hotels and restaurants to ourselves and the locals. We enjoyed a lot, the locals are really warm towards guests and eager to share their stories. Superb sightseeing, with taxis on time, and possible nothing could have gone wrong on this trip. amazing beauty of Greece was very much enjoyed by all of us on this trip.

Reviewed On : 22 May`16

by Sudhanshu Mishra

Aaaah.. what can I say about Greece? It is just out of this world. truly once here u feell as if u r in another world. in some other time. it is all actually very modern here in Athens but in Crete and Santorini it did seem like we had stepped behind in time. we got an amazing deal on a honeymoon package from HolidayMe, and they did a fantastic job of arranging this trip. both my wife na dmyself are enjoying this trip a lot. Cant imagine having gone anywhere else . would love to return again and spend more time here.

Reviewed On : 05 Jun`16

by Sanam Khan

Greece is just stupendous, even the night life and the people are so nice, and the food is to die for. Our hotel in Santorini, from HolidayMe was the best and it has set benchmarks for all other hotels now.

Reviewed On : 19 Jun`16

by Cathy Childs

Greece is so beautiful, I just don’t want to leave at all. It is like a dream come true for me, and I just don’t want to wake up. Thanks to HolidayMe and their well planned package, a Greek holiday became a reality for me. The package was expensive but well worth it, so I don’t mind having shelled out so much for it.

Reviewed On : 20 Jun`16

by Antonios Ramirez

This was probably one of the best vacations of my life. And I have been almost all over Europe. I wanted to do a back packing trip but things wernt working out for jobs in Greece, hence took a package from HolidayMe and they managed to give me a package for very less money. I chose all the cheapest hotels, but even they turned out to be great. My favorite time spent was in Santorini where the hotel was right on the top of a hill and I could see the entire city and the sea from up there. Lovely experience.

Reviewed On : 15 May`16

by Alok Satsangi

Very happy trip with family from HolidayMe and enjoying a lot in Santorini with wife and childs. Hotel was nice but small room but bathroom was large. Food not very good because of non veg food in it but we got noodles for everyday.

Reviewed On : 11 Jun`16


A sizzling concoction of serene islands, pristine beaches, secluded coves, turquoise waters, quaint villages and majestic mountains; Greece is a true wonder of the Mediterranean. Geographically, while most of the country is surrounded by sea, it shares borders with Albania, Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey in its north. The country is an archipelago of about 1,400 islands which include the Aegean archipelago, the Ionian Islands, and Crete, the largest island in Greece. Politically, it is a parliamentary constitutional republic, with a Prime Minister and a President.

The history of Greece can be traced back to 3000-1200 BC during the Bronze Age, beginning with the Aegean civilization, when the Minoans settled and lived and traded peacefully with other parts of the world. It was declared a free state in 1822, after it got independence from the Ottoman Empire. Greece is also considered to be the birthplace of European civilisation and Western philosophy. It is the country where the birth of major concepts like political science, democracy, Western literature, and the Olympic Games took place. The works and teachings of Greek legends like Plato, Homer, Aristotle, Socrates, Pythagoras and Hippocrates influenced the development of the Western World.

Greek is the official language of the country, with 99% of the population speaking it. English, French, German and Italian are spoken as well, mostly by the younger generations. The majority of the country follows Greek Orthodox (98%), with the minorities include Muslims, Roman Catholics and Roman Catholics. Athens is the Capital and largest city of Greece.

Besides the breath-taking natural beauty, Greece is home to some of the world’s best medieval architecture and is also known for its exotic Greek cuisine, with delicacies like Moussaka, Greek salad, Fasolada and Skordalia.

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