Indonesia Holiday Packages

Bali 4* with flights

3 Nights - Guaranteed Departures, Assured Prices.

Starting From

USD 889
National Day Special
    • Return economy class airfare on Emirates Ex Dubai.
    • 3 Nights accommodation in The Rani Hotel or similar at Bali
    • Half day Denpasar city tour
    • Return airport transfers are based on seat in coach basis
    • All transfers and sightseeing as per the itinerary.

Art and Culture of Indonesia- Jakarta...

6 Nights

Starting From

USD 1,579
    • Return Economy Class Airfare.
    • 01 Night Accommodation in Jakarta.
    • 03 Nights’ Accommodation in Puncak.
    • 02 Nights’ Accommodation in Bandung.
    • Intercity Transfers & Tours as per Itinerary.
    • Air Conditioned transportation and English speaking guide during Tour & transfer.
    • Return Airport Transfers on Seat in Coach Basis.

Indonesia Experience

6 Nights

Starting From

USD 2,069
Saudi Special
    • Return economy class airfare Ex Dammam//Riyadh//Jeddah
    • 01 Night Accommodation in Aryaduta Semanggi or similar Jakarta
    • 03 Nights’ Accommodation in Pesona Alam or similar Puncak
    • 02 Nights’ Accommodation in Grand Panghegar or similar Bandung
    • Half day Botanical Garden tour
    • Half day Puncak Safari Tour
    • Half day white Crater Tour
    • Entrance Fees.
    • All transfers and sightseeing on Pvt basis as per the itinerary.

Singapore with Bintan Island

4 Nights

Starting From

USD 1,249
    • Return Economy Class Airfares on Emirates Ex Dubai
    • 2 Nights accommodation in Nirwana Resort Nirwana Gardens or Similar at Bintan Island
    • 2 Nights accommodation in Orchard Parade Hotel or Similar at Singapore
    • Return airport transfers are based on seat in coach basis
    • All transfers and sightseeing as per the itinerary

Bali: A Paradise for Adventure Lovers...

5 Nights

Starting From

USD 1,459
    • Return Economy Class Airfare
    • 5 Nights accommodation in Grand Exora Kuta resort or similar at Bali.
    • Return airport transfers are based on seat in coach basis.
    • Full Day White Water Rafting with lunch.
    • Full Day Jungle trekking with Lunch.
    • 60 Minutes Balinese Massage
    • All transfers and sightseeing as per the itinerary.

Romantic Bali with flights

3 Nights

Starting From

USD 1,199
    • Return economy class airfare on Emirates Ex Dubai
    • 3 Nights accommodation in Best Western Resort Kuta at Bali
    • Return airport transfers are based on seat in coach basis
    • All transfers and sightseeing as per the itinerary.

Saudi Summer Special - Best of Jakart...

8 Nights

Starting From

USD 2,269
    • Return economy class airfare.
    • 03 Night Accommodation at Pullman Jakarta Indonesia in Jakarta.
    • 05 Nights’ Accommodation at Villa Jerami & Spa in Bali
    • English speaking guide during tour & transfer
    • Daily Breakfast.
    • Spa at Villa Jerami (Jerami Signature)
    • Return airport transfers are based on seat in coach basis
    • All transfers and sightseeing as per the itinerary
    • Inclusive of all current applicable taxes.


Average of 4.2 /5 based on 26 reviews

by Alec Lester

Never have I ever enjoyed so much on a trip to an Asian country. Lovely weather, people are friendly, we got a good package from HolidayMe, and we didn’t even have to pay an arm and aleg for it. super nice staff at the hotel in Jakarta, truly my favorite place in the country. Wish we could have stayed longer here.

Reviewed On : 19 Jun`16

by Emily Brown

Lovely weather here in Jakarta, just landed. Took a package from HolidayMe, and although not the cheapest of package I have to say it is surely one of the best. Taxi promptly arrived here to pick us up, great hotel, speedy check in, lovely staff and great food included in the package. And the city is just so beautiful we don’t even feel tired.

Reviewed On : 22 May`16

by Nisaar Ahmed

An Indonesia trip organized by HolidayMe… out of this world… I loved being here, and spending the days exploring the beautiful country. Lovely planning by them, the itinerary was bang on, very effective for some one who wanted to see new things but also wanted to relax a little bit with the family… comparatively I think we got a very cheap package for sure, as other companies were charging much more for the same 13 days package. Great hotel in Jakarta, which I think has to be my favorite city in Indonesia. Very lively, and full of great things to do and try.

Reviewed On : 05 Jun`16

by Geeta Chandran

Bali is stupendous and this trip to Bali turned out to be so much significant that I cant even tell you. Not only did we manage to get a cheap package from HolidayMe, but we also got some of the best hotels from them. The rooms were all so amazing, and so was the staff. The best part about this package was all the extra curricular activities that we got to do with it. many of the adventure sports and the likes of it were already included in our package so we did not have to shell out extra cash. people of Bali, are very friendly.

Reviewed On : 20 Apr`16

by Karan Singh

We had an amazing time in Jakarta, Indonesia, where we went for our honeymoon 3 months after we were married with a package from HolidayMe. Lovely sightseeing trip also every day. Good hotel in the city. Great times and memories.

Reviewed On : 19 Jun`16

by Teesta Ghosh

Enjoying a long time over due trip with the family in Indonesia, very beautiful country. We got a great package for everybody from HolidayMe. Worth every buck. Enjoyed the most in Jakarta, wish to have stayed longer. Maybe next time.

Reviewed On : 12 Jun`16

by Rubina Khan

After a long time found a travel company interested in providing not just a package to their clients but an experience. Very well done HolidayMe, I am sure you will not regret booking a package from them. Stellar work… well planned itinerary, great hotels and good food included in the package. Jakarta was a revelation for us, beautiful as only an Asian country can be. Immensely enjoyed the trip, nothing can prepare you for a trip to Indonesia. It is an experience in itself, lots to do here, and loads to see. Amazing place. I recommend every body shud visit here once.

Reviewed On : 19 Jun`16

by Areeb Sheikh

The one part about Bali that is absolutely love is that you cannot stay stressed here even for a day. Just the whole beauty of it, the blue waters and all will make you feel relaxed and will let you enjoy the peaceful quiet. HolidayMe got us a good deal on a hotel that was almost right on the beach.

Reviewed On : 20 May`16


An archipelago of about 13,500 islands, Indonesia is situated in Southeast Asia and is home to more than 254 million people. The fourth largest country in the world by population, Indonesia is a collective story of individual identities of all the islands that it encompasses. From terrific landscape to quaint beaches, every island has its own history, rituals, practices, culture and ethos that contributes to the varied, spectacular experience that Indonesia is.

Indonesia shares land borders with Papua New Guinea, East Timor, and Malaysia.The allure of the group of islands that the country is made up of goes back to the 7th century. This was when the state of Srivijaya had trade relations with several regions of India and China. As time went by, more trade and cultural exchanges lead to a new establishment of norms and practices. Several things were thus assimilated into Indonesian culture. The history of the religions found here can also be linked to the trade links, the coming of Europeans and Muslim traders and the resulting struggle to gain a stronghold over proceedings. For over three centuries, the Dutch were the colonists until the situation drastically changed post World War II, leading to independence. 

The main official language is a Malay variant, simply known as Indonesian. Although there are several dialects that are spoken in the islands, the official language is a mix of the prime dialect, already used in the island nation. The variations show up in the cuisine too. There is an influence of the Middle East and the Chinese, Indian and European too in the local cuisine. Vegetables, spices and meat makes up the majority of the dishes, rice is a common factor, and is a major part of the local food items.              
Indonesia's tropical climate and diverse geography supports the world's second highest level of biodiversity (after Brazil), which is a mix of the Asian and the Australasian species. Indonesia is the world's most populous Muslim-majority nation (about 88%), while around seven percent of the population is Christian, and the rest include Buddhists and Hindus among others.

A holiday to Indonesia with HolidayMe typically ranges from to