Popular Hotels In Sa Khu

Popular Hotels In Sa Khu

Proud Phuket,Thailand,Phuket

Proud Phuket

135 Soi Naiyang 2, Naiyang BeachSa Khu,Phuket, Thailand
Andaman White Beach Resort,Thailand,Phuket

Andaman White Beach Resort

28/8 Moo 4Sa Khu,Phuket, Thailand
Royal Lee Resort & Spa,Thailand,Phuket

Royal Lee Resort & Spa

3/22 Moo 1, ThalangSa Khu,Phuket, Thailand
The Sixteenth Naiyang Beach Hotel,Thailand,Phuket

The Sixteenth Naiyang Beach Hotel

19/16 Soi Naiyang16 Moo.1Sa Khu,Phuket, Thailand
Marina Express-AVIATOR-Phuket Airport,Thailand,Phuket

Marina Express-AVIATOR-Phuket Airport

130 Moo 1Sa Khu ,Phuket, Thailand
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Chez Charly Bungalow,Thailand,Phuket

Chez Charly Bungalow

65/6 Moo1Sa Khu,Phuket, Thailand
Phuket - Naiyang Sonwa Resort,Thailand,Phuket

Phuket - Naiyang Sonwa Resort

76/21 Moo 5Sa Khu,Phuket, Thailand
Phuket Airport Heart Hotel,Thailand,Phuket

Phuket Airport Heart Hotel

12/17 NaiYang 13/2, (Soi Kokmort 2)Sa Khu,Phuket, Thailand