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How to Avail the Offer?
Step 1

Create/ Join Group

Click on “Create/Join A Group” and give it a suitable name.

Step 2

Invite Your Friends

Share the link across your social handles and ask your friends to join.

Step 3

Increase Your Discount %

The larger be your group, the higher be your discount.

Team up to earn more!
What do I get?
Flat 12% off
Total Members1 to 3
Flat 14% off
Total Members4 to 6
Flat 16% off
Total Members7 to 9
Flat 18% off
Total Members10 to 12
Flat 20% off
Total Members 13+
About Offer
What is

Buddies Bonanza Sale?

Those who stay together, win together!

That’s what we believe and so we’re here with our Buddies Bonanza Sale. Create a group, add your friends and family, and earn awesome rewards!

The more, the merrier! So, invite your friends/family and ask them to invite theirs. This will surely boost your chances of winning a huge discount!

Terms and Conditions for Group Creation

Terms & Conditions for Coupon Code Usage