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One of the most visited tourist destinations in Europe, visiting France at any time is a great time, but you can expect crowds especially during the summer season. The climate of France is mostly pleasant, though it varies according to location. The country usually has cool winters and mild summers, but along the Mediterranean, the winters are mild and the summers are hot.

Because of its pleasant climate, France can be visited all year round, and as the country has varied climate across its region, tourism booms throughout the year. The best time to visit the capital city of Paris is during spring (April-May), when the flowers are in bloom, or in autumn (September-October) when the temperatures are mild and the renowned fashion shows and trade fairs are conducted. 
For budget travellers, the rainy and cold season from November to February is ideal when hotels offer off-season rates and there are massive deals and discounts. Hotels in the city are often packed with trade fairs, business travellers, and winter holidays groups. During this period, airfares are also cheaper than the peak season of summer, when tickets cost the most.

Throughout the year, sporting events, art festivals and traditional festivals can be found everywhere in the country, along with delicious food and wine, which plays the main role. During the spring season, you can experience warm and pleasant weather that is enough to enjoy outdoor activities. With pristine beaches, campsites, and cities bustling with crowds, summer in France kicks off the long holiday. You will witness many festivals year-round, with almost each village holding music and food festivals along with sporting events. In the fall, the wine regions in the country come alive with harvest celebrations in every village, while in winter, the mountain ski resorts come alive with various outdoor and adventurous activities. Christmas is an especially magical time to visit France, and comes with plenty of traditional markets and fairs.

One of the most visited tourist destinations in Europe, visiting France at any time is a great time, but...