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A landlocked country in Europe, Hungary is a charming destination that is often overlooked, despite its natural beauty, cultural heritage, and historic monuments. The best time to visit Hungary is from May to September, when the weather is pleasant, and all the sightseeing attractions are open for tourists. Hungary has four distinct seasons, namely, spring, summer, autumn, and winter. The summer season brings with it plenty of sunshine and warm weather, giving a respite from the brutally cold winter that most of the country experiences. Summer is also when a lot of festivals and outdoor events are held, so it is a great idea to plan your visit accordingly.

Budapest is great for winters as well, but the other parts of the country don’t have a lot to offer to tourists during this season.

Spring Season: The spring season in Hungary lasts through the months of March to May. Although not the best time to visit Hungary, since there can be unexpected rain showers any time, it is good for budget travelers. Since this is not a busy tourist season, expect good discounts on day tours and accommodation.

Tips: Temperatures during this time can drop to 10 °C at times, so carry woolens. Make sure you carry an umbrella with you at all times, since you never know when it might start raining, especially in May. Apart from May, this is considered a good time for a picnic on Margaret Island. You can also pay a visit to Buda Hills.

Summer Season: The summer season in Hungary lasts from June to August and is a good time to visit Hungary for sure. There are a plethora of festivals held during this time; the weather is very pleasant, there are hardly any rains, and all the sightseeing attractions and activities are open. However, this being the high tourist season for Hungary, the country is flooded with tourists and it can get very crowded.

Tips: Make sure to get all bookings and arrangements done beforehand, to avoid last minute hassles. If you find yourself in Hungary during the summers, you are in for a treat, thanks to the many events and fests. Make it a point to be a part of the Danube Carnival, the Night of the Museums, the Festival of Folk Arts, and the Sziget Festival. Bars and pubs hold regular beer parties outdoors, with live music, and there are many other cultural shows, concerts, stand-up comedies and more, held during this time.

Autumn Season: Autumn, lasting from March to May, is the best time to visit Hungary. The best part about this season is that although the weather is still summery and warm, the high tourist season is over. So, you can spend time here without paying a bomb, getting special discounts and offers in the process. This is the best time to visit for budget travelers, and you can rejoice in the feeling of having the place all to yourself.

Tips: Autumn doesn’t necessarily warrant warmer temperatures, with the thermometer dipping to below 8 °C at times. Carry woolens and wear layers.

If you find yourself here during the autumn season, make sure to be a part of the Cherry Blossom Festival and Easter celebrations. Several wine festivals and street food events are held during this time of the year, since people want to cram in as much fun as they can before winter arrives. If in Budapest, you can enjoy a spree of bar hopping, since beer is pretty cheap here. A visit to the Japanese Garden on Margaret Island will also leave you full of wonder, at the amazing array of vibrant flowers all around.

Winter Season: The winter season in Hungary brings below freezing temperatures for most parts of the country. Cold and bleak, with nearly regular rains, Hungary is not a great place to visit in the winters, if planning for sightseeing. The entire country seems blanketed in snow and most tourist attractions either reduce their opening hours or shut down completely. However, the competitive prices during this time make it worth the while for budget travelers and New Year revelers. Christmas and New Year are celebrated with a lot of vigor and pomp here. Ice skating rinks pop up all over the country.

Tips: Take along heavy woolens and a down jacket, if possible, to combat the cold. Take along your own skates, if you can, since the lines at the skating rinks can be long. If here during the winter season, make sure you take part in the celebrations of The Carnival Season, St. Nicholas Day, New Year, Christmas, and St. Martin’s Day.

A landlocked country in Europe, Hungary is a charming destination that is often overlooked, despite its natural beauty, cultural heritage, and historic monuments. The best time t...