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A country with an enviable combination of scenic beauty, culture and rich history, the United Kingdom is one of the most developed and prosperous countries in the world. Located towards the northwest Europe, United Kingdom is a sovereign country comprising of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and British overseas territories. Essentially an island, UK is surrounded by the North Sea, Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea on all sides.  A vacation in the United Kingdom will let you experience a myriad of culture, landscapes, cuisine and climate.

Each region is varied in terms of landscape, local culture and cuisine. Scotland is renowned for being the last wilderness and has unexplored resources of petroleum. Wales is a land of castles, meadows, coastal towns and charming villages. Northern Ireland retains a typical Irish charm with a turbulent history while England remains the centre of culture, industry, education, power, business, tourism and has a more cosmopolitan outlook. United Kingdom tour packages are in fact the best way to see the length and breadth of this beautiful region.

The landscape of the country is also varied. Starting from high mountains of Scotland to Wales’ extending to rugged coastline to the famed British Lake District, the country is blessed with dramatic scenery and natural beauty. London being the capital of the country, attracts droves of tourists each year and is one of the most visited cities of the planet. Each and every corner of London in stitched with history, tradition and culture. Other cities like Edinburg, Belfast, Cardiff and Glasgoware also popular tourist magnets. While the cities of Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Southampton, and Birmingham have boast of their very own enigmatic charm. Oxford, Cotswold, Dover, Kent and Lake District continue to dominate the domestic tourism scene in United Kingdom.

The climate remains mostly temperate with abundant rainfall throughout the year. Great Britain tends to experience four different types of season in one day on some days. It is often said there is no bad weather, only clothes in Great Britain are wrong as weather dominates the conversations.

Cuisine is another key element of the country. Even though British cuisine is not very famous like its European counterparts but it is steadily increasing in demand as more and more Michelin starred British chefs are experimenting with the use of local British produces with the cooking style, characteristics and influences of cuisines introduced by its multi-cultural population. The biggest example of this cuisine revolution is the British obsession with curry, a typical Indian sub-continental dish.

Another aspect of United Kingdom is its unflinching love for soccer (football). Developed as a working class game, English football is perhaps one of the greatest cultural imports of the country. English Premier League is now widely beamed all over the world and attracts the very best of footballing talent. Local derby matches still tends to bring the cities of England, Scotland and Wales to a standstill irrespective of the weather.

A country seeped in history and tradition, United Kingdom was created over the centuries through invasions, alliances, wars, conquests, successions and transition from absolute monarchy to the first experimentation of a running parliament. The march of United Kingdom started with internal consolidation as the Kingdom of England. Wales was incorporated into the Kingdom in 1536, Scotland in 1707 and Ireland in 1801. However, it’s the advent of Industrial Revolution in the late 17th and 18th century and establishment of the first modern corporation known as East India Company, the revenues and fame of Great Britain spread to all the corners of the world. After the collapse of the Spanish and French competition, the 19th century marked the British Empire reign as a superpower, with colonies all over the world. Great Britain’s fame can be understood from the famous quote, “The Sun never sets in the British Empire”.

UK still remains an influential world player with a strong economic, political and military hold.The UK is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy. All the four regions of UK have their own distinct culture, language, and traditions. While English remains the main language spoken throughout country, Welsh is spoken commonly in Wales, whereas Scottish Gaelic is spoken in parts of Scotland. Christianity remains the predominant religion.
A country with an enviable combination of scenic beauty, culture and rich history, the United Kingdom is one of the most developed and prosperous countries in the world. Located towards the northwest ...

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