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Getting Around in MOSCOW

Metros - The best way to get around to the different attractions or areas in Moscow is to opt for the Metro which is a convenient, comfortable and fast way to travel. Other than the fact that they come with cheap ticket prices every metro station of Moscow is ostentatiously decorated with ornate materials which reflect the city’s artistic brilliance and make them attractions in themselves. The Metro operates from 5.20 am to 1 am. Rush hours may see the Metro overcrowded and so is best avoided by tourists who are not used to jostling through the thronging crowds.

Buses, Trams and Trolleys - Buses, Trams and Trolleys or Av’tobus, tram’vai and Tro’leibus as they are called are available in plenty but do not operate on scheduled timings. These means of public transport run from 5.30 in the morning to 1am. For tickets for buses, trams and trolleys you can get your tickets at the Metro, from the kiosks at the locality or from the drivers of the transport means directly.

Taxis - For traveling late night, taxis are the only option. Cabs can be booked directly by waving your hand or over the phone. 

How to Reach MOSCOW

By Air

The Sheremetyevo Airport of Moscow connects it with the other parts of the globe. The national carrier of the country is Aeroflot Russian International Airline which witnesses daily flights from major cities across Europe, Asia and United States of America among others. It is located about 35 kilometers from the city. 

By Rail

As many as nine railway stations operate in Moscow and link it with the rest of Russia along with former Soviet Republics such as Belarus and Ukraine. In addition, anyone coming in from Italy, Greece, Germany, Poland, China, Finland and Mongolia too can avail train to Moscow.

Visa Requirements for RUSSIA

All international travellers planning to visit the Russian Federation should apply for the visa prior to travel. The types of visa they can opt for include Tourist, Private, Business, Humanitarian, Work, Student, Transit etc. Since international travellers will mostly be relying on a tourist visa, we share important information regarding it.
For a tourist visa, the applicant must provide a Tourist Voucher, generally obtainable by a Russian local travel agency. The tourist visa is...

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